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The WEY Cyber ​​Tank 300 is a mix between a Ford Bronco and Mercedes G-Class for much less money

On China Part of the laws allows dozens of brands to copy complete designs or part of them for their products. Despite the fact that some brands have been brought to trial and lost to the originals, these practices continue and now WEY has a proposal that mixes the design of two extremely popular SUVs, the Ford Bronco and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class to result in the WEY Cyber Tank 300.

As part of Auto Show de Shangai, WEY introduced the Cyber ​​Tank 300, an updated variant of the Tank 300 that has been on the market for some time. In this case we cannot deny that splashes, square shapes of the body, the fascia and headlights are practically the same as those of a G-Class, while the grille and the daytime running lights clearly remind us of the new Ford Bronco.

As if that weren’t enough, the interior looks like a decal of the Mercedes-Benz in different elements. In theory this new model would be a more luxurious variant than the Tank 300, more focused on the Lifestyle than on off-road adventures.

The fact of having the word “Cyber” in its name would make us think that it would try to be an electric vehicle, but apparently it will also carry a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo combustion engine, similar to the traditional Tank 300. Way simply presented it as a concept, but the traditional model has a cost of 175,800 yuan, about 530,000 Mexican pesos. Considerably less than the more than 3 million for a G-Class or roughly the more than 650,000 that a Base Bronco is likely to have.

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The news The WEY Cyber ​​Tank 300 is a mix between a Ford Bronco and Mercedes G-Class for much less money was originally published in Motorpasión Mexico by Mau Juárez.

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