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The video of the murder of the policeman in Laferrere: they killed him to steal his cell phone

The murder of the policeman in Laferrere

An officer of the City Police was murdered this Thursday at 4:35 in the Buenos Aires town of Laferrere, La Matanza district, in a confrontation with two thieves who wanted to assault him when the bus was waiting to go to work.

The episode happened today around 5 in the morning, when Marino Nicolás Romero, 27, was waiting at the bus stop at the intersection of Oliveri and Da Vinci streets to go to his work as part of the Department of Neighborhood Protection of Villa 31 of the Buenos Aires force.

At that time, two armed criminals they surprised him and tried to assault him, as confirmed by police sources to Infobae, to which the officer reacted with shots. Thieves, one of whom fell dead on the spot and the other managed to escape, they also shot at the agent, who received two gunshot wounds to the neck and abdomen for which he had to be rushed to the Simply Evita hospital, where he finally died a few hours later after Personnel from the 2 ° González Catán Police Station of the Buenos Aires Police will arrive on the scene and you will find him with his Bersa pistol, with the criminal already dead with three bullets in his body.

The prosecutor in charge of solving the case is Marcos Borghi, from the Homicide UFI of La Matanza. The scene was already preserved with the Scientific Police in place: a camera from a nearby butcher shop was relievedAccording to police sources, with a video in which the criminal who was shot falls down and his accomplice wielding a weapon. Then the accomplice tries to drag the thief away, but gives up and leaves him there.

The video, obtained by Infobae, reproduced in this note, shows the sequence of the shots. Among the clothes of the dead criminal, between 20 and 25 years old, whose name is unknown, Romero’s police phone was found.

Romero had joined the Federal Police in 2015 and then had gone to the City Police
Romero had joined the Federal Police in 2015 and then had gone to the City Police

Rosemary, what He was in a relationship and was the father of a 4-year-old boy, He was a native of Corrientes and Before moving to the City Police, he had joined the Argentine Federal Police in 2015. In his social networks, Romero frequently shared photos in uniform with his colleagues and as a family with his wife and son. “If I have to fight so be it, after each fight comes victory”he wrote in his last post on Monday.

Romero’s crime comes after a 2020 marked by the death of troops in Buenos Aires territory, as well as troops who shot and killed criminals with their regulation weapons. At dawn on December 25, after the Christmas Eve festivities, Major Rubén Alejandro Rivas of the Buenos Aires province police was assassinated in the town of San Justo by two criminals who tried to steal her car when she was leaving her mother’s house, who had come to greet for Christmas and that she was also wounded with a shot in her right hand.

Romero was 27 years old, a native of Corrientes and the father of a 4-year-old boy
Romero was 27 years old, a native of Corrientes and the father of a 4-year-old boy

Rivas, who worked as cash in the transfer of detainees in the Court of Guarantees 5 of La Matanza, also tried to repel the attack with his regulation weapon and in the middle of the shooting against the criminals, He received four bullet wounds, of which three entered the chest area and the remaining one in one of his legs. The investigation of the case was in the hands of the prosecutor Federico Medone, of the UFI Thematic Homicide La Matanza.

Two weeks earlier, at the General Paz y Concordia avenue collector, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Devoto, Ricardo Hernán González Sueyro, who worked as a Senior Officer in Commune 11 B and was 38 years old died after being run over by two motorcycle jets that minutes before they had stolen that vehicle and had been escaping. As a result of the impact, the passenger on the motorcycle, aged 21, was also fired and lost his life on the spot. The 27-year-old who was driving the car was arrested.

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