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The Venezuelan Government dialogues with the criminal gang that controls an area of ​​Caracas

Caracas, Apr 26 (EFE) .- The Government of Venezuela is, as reported this Monday by the director of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC), Douglas Rico, in a “conversation process” with the “criminal organization” that it has control of an area of ​​Caracas, to which even the State security forces have banned access.

“There is, at this moment, a process of conversation with this criminal organization so that, in principle, they lay down their attitude and hand over their weapons,” explained Rico, referring to the gang led by Carlos Luis Revete, alias “el Coqui”. who keeps the inhabitants of the area, known as Cota 905, and surrounding neighborhoods in fear.

According to the director of the CICPC, “a study is being carried out, not only by the security agencies, a high-level study to go first to the conversations so that this group of people can lay down their hostile attitude that they have maintained in the city of Caracas. “.

Rico’s words, expressed on a government radio station, aroused mockery among users of social networks, who consider that the Government has not been able to put an end to this gang and other similar ones that control various areas of the country, but rather “dominated” by them.

The official’s approach also received criticism from some members of the opposition, such as Iván Simonovis, who wrote on his Twitter account that “with the underworld you have a dialogue when you have them surrounded not before. The objective is for them to lay down their attitude, take away their weapons and turn themselves in to the Police. “

“Negotiations with criminals are carried out by specialists, never by the director of the Police. This is what the CICPC action protocols say. It is perfectly clear that when the criminal uses the weapon, the Police must make proportional use of force” added the opponent.

Last Thursday, the Coqui gang ambushed a CICPC armored vehicle and at least two patrols from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), according to several videos posted on social networks.

In the images, two wrecked GNB vehicles were seen, with punctured wheels and bent doors, and the armored car with a cracked windshield as a result of a shot from a high-caliber weapon.

Clashes on Cota 905 have become frequent in recent months, without the state security forces or government institutions managing to take control.

Citizen complaints are recurrent every time there is a shooting, and they urge Maduro to confront the leader of the gang, who is roaming freely without the authorities being able to prevent him from continuing to commit crimes and terrorize the neighborhood.

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