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The Vatican, in the face of legal abortion: “It is very sad that with an Argentine Pope they have approved an anti-human and anti-Christian law”

Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo gave his opinion on the legalization of abortion in Argentina Source: Archive

ROMA.- “It is very sad that with an Argentine Pope and when there is a party in the government whose founders and presidents have been against abortion, they have approved an anti-constitutional, anti-human and anti-Christian law, allowing himself to be colonized ideologically by the dominant thought “.

The Argentine Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, “Chancellor” of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences of the Vatican, reacted today with these words before the result of the vote with which the Senate finally approved the legal interruption of pregnancy.

In telephone dialogue with THE NATION, Sánchez Sorondo, who did not want to make further comments, alluded with his phrase to Peronism and the former presidents Juan Domingo Peron and Nestor Kirchner and did not hide his disappointment. In the same framework, on the eve of the vote, from his Twitter account the archbishop had made an appeal to the Argentine senators: “Senators of Argentina, on the 29th I ask you to follow the example of a great president of ours: ‘do not leave your deep convictions on the steps of the Senate ‘- know how to defend life as he defended it, “he exhorted.

Sánchez Sorondo was the only one who spoke on the record in the Vatican, where he reigned “great regret” for the legalization of abortion “in a country with such a long Catholic tradition as Argentina” and something truly expected, according to another high prelate.

The truth is that, in the case of the country of the Pontiff, no one, with first and last name, dared to say something. “Argentina is not the Netherlands, it is the country of the Pope, it is delicate … What corresponds is that the bishops of the country speak “, he apologized before THE NATION another high official of the Holy See.

Pope Francis never intervened in an official way in the debate that preceded the legalization of abortion -to do so would have been an interference in a matter of another State-, but rather allowed the local episcopate to express its rejection, as is praxis. He did so indirectly, through various private letters that he sent to women from a village and to former students of the College of the Immaculate Conception of Santa Fe, in which he reiterated his firm opposition, assuring that “Eliminating a human being is like hiring a hit man to solve a problem.”

Today, during his traditional Wednesday catechesis, which he presided without faithful from the Library of the Apostolic Palace due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, reflecting on the thanksgiving prayer, the Pope said that the world is divided between who does not give thanks and who gives thanks and in a part of his speech mentioned the “gift of life”. “Christians, like all believers, bless God for the gift of life. To live is above all to have received life. We are all born because someone has wanted life for us “, said.

So, although Francisco, who usually improvises, could have referred to what happened in his homeland, surely a hard blow for him, he also chose silence.

“There is not much to say, it is logical that nobody can be happy when a crime against life is legalized “, summarized another high prelate, who also did not want to add much more.

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