The unusual cover of Clarín against Cristina Kirchner

The Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, avoid different controversies that seek to impose on him from the media. But, even so, it ends up being the great protagonist of the different tapas. Specifically in that of Clarion that, this Saturday, he used his name in three notes of seven existing ones.

Axel Kicillof, Campaign Diary (part 2)

In the first place, they speak of “tension in the Government” due to the departure of Luis Maria Kreckler. It was Foreign Minister Felipe Solá who decided to return the ambassador from Beijing due to the delay in the purchase of vaccines Sinopharm and Sinovac. The replacement will be the commercial representative of the embassy, ​​Sabino Vaca Narvaja who worked in the Senate with CFK.

The second note has to do with the judges who were transferred during the Government of Mauricio Macri. “The judges who were removed by Cristina filed a complaint with the IACHR,” says the headline. Is about Pablo Bertuzzi and Leopoldo Bruglia, who made an accusation before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for being displaced from the Federal Chamber. “We have been removed by politics,” they said and called for the suspension of their replacements.

The last one is an opinion note, in the hands of Fernando Gonzalez. After the accusation in relation to the judges and polemicizing changes in the working groups, noting the existence of an alleged “tension” between the leaders, they titled: “When Alberto loses a soldier, Cristina replaces him.” In this way, in a complex context of the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis left by macrismo, they continue to complicate and deteriorate the environment and social discontent.

Look at the lid:

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