the unspeakable post of a priest for legal abortion

The man, who runs the Parish “Incarnation of the Lord” in the Riojan capital, he justified femicides as a crime of revenge against women who decide not to continue with the pregnancy.

Whoever sows death begets and reaps death. Don’t complain after the femicides. Nature is wise. Congratulations to those who support the death of innocents “, he wrote on his Facebook account, confusing “nature” with a historical system of oppression and disciplining of men towards women.


After the rejection, the man decided to delete his account from the social network, while there was no official response from the Bishopric of La Rioja.

In some of the comments they left him in his publication, he was treated as a “rapist” and a “pedophile.” “You are going to learn to respect women !! Your publication went around the world, you’re already burned! “,” Are you worried that a woman decides to be a mother or not? Or are you worried that we will dedicate ourselves to fight against your fellow pedophiles? ”, Threatened a user.

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