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The United States ordered the departure of its personnel from the embassy in Kabul

The White House determined the departure of non-essential personnel from your embassy in the city of Kabul. The state department announced the measure amid reports of threats and increased violence in the Afghan capital. Washington specified that the most needed employees will remain in the Asian country.

The United States is preparing for its army to leave that nation after 20 years of conflict. The North American government detailed that non-essential workers will “carry out their function elsewhere.” Acting Ambassador to Kabul Ross Wilson commented that the decision is due to “threat reports”.

Wilson said the order affected a “small” number of employees and that the embassy will continue to operate. The american president Joe Biden, announced in early April the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan. The White House plan is to complete the measure before September 11.

On that date will be the 20th anniversary of the attacks that led the US to invade that country. AP News reports that Biden estimated that US forces achieved their objectives and that little else could be done. Some analysts fear violence will escalate when the Taliban perceive that you have achieved a victory.

The Taliban agreed with the former Donald Trump administration not to attack US troops in their withdrawal. That didn’t stop attacks on Afghan official forces will intensify. The state department noted that “terrorist and insurgent groups continue to plan and carry out attacks.”

American soldiers in the capital of Afghanistan

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