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The United States donates a storage platform valued at more than one million dollars to the Judiciary

Santo Domingo, RD.

The Embassy of the United States in the country, reported that thanks to the donation of the North American Government, the Judicial Power of the Dominican Republic carries out a transformation of its technological platform, going from a legacy or traditional system for data storage, to a modern one. Digital environment.

According to a statement, the system valued at US $ 1,345,000 will allow the courts of the Supreme Court of Justice to digitize, store and share, electronically and securely, the evidence and files of various cases, as necessary.

“The technology systems will have 100 TB of digital storage, backup creation and disaster recovery capacity. Likewise, the support includes services for the installation, configuration of the equipment and the training of the personnel who will be in charge. This effort is carried out by the Government of the United States, through the International Office of Anti-Narcotics Affairs and the Procurement of Justice (INL for its acronym in English), in order to contribute to the advance towards a rapid, open and judicial system. transparent in the country ”, says the communication.

The equipment granted by INL to the Supreme Court of Justice is composed of a primary data storage matrix system, a backup system, server control, interconnection switches and replication server; and by secondary systems oriented to the control and administration of hybrid cloud, servers, disaster recovery matrix and interconnection controls.

The technological systems will be installed in the Technological Center for Network Access, NAP del Caribe, located in Santo Domingo. The NAP serves as a repository for equipment and data, safeguarding their integrity, whose access to information is only by authorized personnel of the SCJ.

The project that begins in Santo Domingo in its first phase and then at the national level, contemplates a rigorous virtual training that will be carried out in a period of one to five days, in charge of an official instructor and directed, simultaneously, to 10 court technology staff members. The training will include official certifications for handling the entire range of servers that the system contemplates.

About the International Office for Anti-Narcotics and Justice Procurement (INL)

The mission of the International Office for Anti-Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is to combat international crime and the illegal use of narcotics, as well as their impact on the United States and the Dominican Republic, effectively assisting the country in matters international, promoting global cooperation for the prevention of these crimes.

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