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The Treasury does not specify a date for sending the $ 1,400 because it is in the hands of the IRS

The Secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Francisco Parés, confirmed that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has still not approved the plan to distribute the $ 1,400 aid in Puerto Rico.

In an interview with WKAQ 580, Parés reported that it expects to start disbursing the money in the next two weeks.

“We would like it to be earlier, we will be ready for it to be earlier, but I cannot commit to the IRS, they have their work plan and they do not consult with us about their work plans,” said the official when asked if it will be after the 15th of this month.

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On the subject of who will receive this economic aid, Parés explained that people who generated 75 thousand in income or more will not be receiving federal economic aid as well as people who are dependents. The latter, the aid will be receiving the person who claims it as his dependent, unlike the past financial aid of $ 1,200 and $ 600.

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