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The Top 5 of the best guests at Wrestlemania

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published before WrestleMania 36.

What do they have in common Liberace, Donald Trump, Pete Rose, Mr. T, Lawrence Taylor, las Rockettes, Floyd Mayweather, Shaquille O’Neal, Billy Martin, Snoop Dogg, among others?

Everyone has had some kind of participation in the past 35 years in the WWE Summit event, Wrestlemania. This, not including the musicians who have been part of the show.

Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Donald Trump (Wrestlemania IV, V, VII, XX y XXIII)

The 45th President of USA He was involved in five billboards, either as the owner of the place where it was held (IV, V) or, as in two others, in which he was interviewed as a special guest.

The most remembered, and where he was directly involved in one of the plots, was in Wrestlemania XXXIII in 2007 at Ford Field.

The Battle of the Billionaires, where a fighter represented Vince McMahon and another to Donald Trump, faced the deceased Morning (supported by McMahon) before Bobby Lashley, who was Trump’s protégé. This idea was developed over several months on Mondya Night Raw and Smackdown, the company’s weekly shows, as McMahon and Trump tried to impress each other with money rains in the different arenas the show was held. The loser would have his head shaved.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special referee in a match that saw Bobby Lashley defeat Umaga after a stun from Austin to McMahon’s rep, who was shaved off. Trump, however, was not immaculate and received paralyzing from Stone Cold at the close of the meeting.

Pete Rose (Wrestlemania XIV, XV, 2000 y XX)

The all-time hitter leader has been involved in four events, three of which were physical matches with fighters. The last occasion was as part of the Hall of Fame Class of 2004, held the day before the event where the deceased Eddie guerrero Y Chris Benoit they conquered the WWE and Heavyweight titles, respectively.

Rose’s first participation was at Wrestlemania XIV, where he was the guest announcer in the ring for the match between Kane and the Undertaker. While introducing Kane (Glen Jacobs, current Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee), Rose began insulting him and throwing epithets at fans and the host city of Boston. This led to Kane placing a tombstone piledriver on the former player to knock him out of action.

The following year, Rose appeared surprisingly disguised as the San Diego Chicken attacking Kane in revenge for what happened the year before. Kane proceeded to unmask him and place a tombston on him again before his encounter with Triple H.

A year later, Kane was once again the target of an attack by Rose, but this time after the encounter of the masked man and Rickishi in view of D-Generation X, whom they defeated. At the end of the fight, the San Diego Chicken re-entered the ring and Kane was about to attack him, believing that Rose had repeated his interference in 1999 in disguise. Rose came in unexpectedly and attacked Kane, who repeated the tombstone and also received a “Stinkface” from Rickishi.


WrestleMania makes its debut

On March 31, 1985, the first WrestleMania was held and featured a wide range of stars, including Hulk Hogan, Liberace, Muhammad Ali, and Mr. T among others.

Mr. T (Wrestlemania I y II)

The actor is perhaps the celebrity who started all this shower of special guests by starring in the first Wrestlemani with Hulk Hogan in view of Roddy Piper Y Paul Orndorff.

Recognized for the A-Team series and the movie Rocky III, where Hulk Hogan had an outstanding participation, Mr. T was inserted in the plots after the deceased Piper began to criticize the Rock and Wrestling Connection, where Hogan was accompanied to the ring by the singer Cindy Lauper. The road to this fight saw Hogan train alongside Mr. T in various vignettes that were screened in the weeks leading up to the event.

In the match, Hogan ironed Orndorff after a failed cheating attempt by Piper, who abandoned her partner in the ring to take a beating from Hogan and the actor.

At Wrestlemania II, WWE took advantage of the real bad thorn between Piper and the actor to bring a boxing match between the two to the ring. Piper and other wrestlers publicly criticized Mr. T’s involvement in wrestling as he had no past as a wrestler. The meeting between the two, held at the Nassau Coliseum, was one of the main in that arena, one of three from where Wrestlemnai was broadcast in 1986.

Mr. T had the former world champion as coach Joe Frazier, while Lou Duva did the same with Piper. The match was disqualified in favor of Mr. T when Piper blew up her rival that forced the match to end.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Wrestlemania XXIV)

Although he only participated in one event in 2008, what sets Mayweather apart is that he participated while he was an active boxer and World Boxing Council welterweight champion.

Mayweather was part of a plot that featured the return of The Big Show, a fighter just under 7 feet tall, after an injury. In his presentation, Show threatened to throw the also fighter by the neck Mistery King, who was friends with Mayweather. The boxer, who was part of the audience at the PPV No Way Out, intervened in favor of Mysterio and hit him with various combinations. This led to the celebration of the fight at The Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida on March 30, 2008.

The non-disqualification match saw Mayweather use a steel chair and mitt to hit Big Show and be declared the winner.

Muhammad Ali (Wrestlemania I)

The legendary former world heavyweight champion, like Mayweather, had only one appearance as a guest referee for Hogan and Mr. T’s main match against Piper and Orndorff.

Although he did not have direct physical participation, the importance of his participation was to give credibility to the first Wrestlemania, where the owner of the company was risking the future of his company.

Ali, who had faced Antonio Inoki in a wrestler vs. boxer match several years ago, he was never a part of Wrestlemania again.

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