The “Together we will make history” coalition is dissolved in Morelos

Cuernavaca, Mor.- The state leadership of Morena left the negotiating table in the national committee where the alliance with the Social Encounter Party in the June 2021 elections.

Morena Morelos reiterated her refusal to repeat the coalition “Together we will make history”, because it also excluded the local PT.

In turn, the Labor Party He anticipated the public rejection of Morena and reported that with the endorsement of the national leadership and its municipal and district structures, they will not sign a coalition with another party in Morelos.

In a statement, Morena reported that her rejection To compete alongside other political forces is due to the fact that, according to the pronouncement of its Council and its militant base, it is confirmed that there are no political or programmatic coincidences with which it is possible to travel with the Social Encounter Party.

“We have been institutional, we know how to listen and consult; However, the most important thing for Morena is to maintain the strong roots it has with its structure and militant base, before committing itself to interests that are alien to the higher objective of true change and the fourth transformation, ”Morena Morelos expressed.

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Morena stressed that his political project in the state is based on the popular support he has to go to a successful election with natural allies that he will not put at risk to satisfy interests unrelated to the legitimate citizens.

For his part the PT He said that he maintains firm the principles of the fourth transformation and is ratified as a modern left party, “in contrast to the blurring of Morena that preferred to form ranks with parties such as Encuentro Social.

Later, the PT called on Morena’s dissident militancy, committed to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to join the political project of the Labor Party to continue working for the fourth transformation of Mexico.

“In the Labor Party we believe that the time has come to rescue Morelos, that it is necessary that in the next election good people, who feel and what is happening in Morelos hurts, be those who take the reins of our governments, “said the PT.


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