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The three possible scenarios after Pachuca vs Santos

We present you how the positions move depending on each result between Tuzos and Guerreros

Tonight’s match between Pachuca and Santos directly affects the aspirations of the teams fighting for the playoffs. The Tuzos can be eliminated and León qualified, while the Warriors have a chance to get into the first four places. Here are the three scenarios that can be presented after the confrontation between the Hidalgo and Coahuila groups.

Panorama if Pachuca wins

A triumph for the Tuzos would take them to thirteenth place with 20 units with ample repechage possibilities. The people of Hidalgo close against Atlético de San Luis, in addition to the fact that four rivals, who could still reach, will take points off in Matchday 17: Chivas (22) vs Tigres (22) and León (23) vs Querétaro (21).

With 20 points, Pachuca would complicate the outlook for Tijuana (19) and Pumas (18), teams that would go on to occupy the fourteenth and fifteenth position, respectively.

Panorama if they tie

Pachuca would be on the verge of elimination in case of dividing units against Santos, a result that would benefit the Warriors who would get into the top four, in addition to classifying León for the playoffs.

A tie would leave the Tuzos in 15th position with 18 points, still with reclassification aspirations, but very slim. Those from Torreón would reach the fourth position with 26 units, while León (23) would tie his ticket to the playoffs, since Tijuana (19), thirteenth, can no longer reach him on the last day.

Panorama if Santos wins

With this result Santos would sneak up to third position, Pachuca would be eliminated and León would have his pass to the playoffs.

The Warriors would reach 28 units, leaving Puebla (27) in fourth place and Monterrey (25) in fifth place. Los Tuzos would be eliminated with 17 points, since he could no longer reach the 21 that Mazatlán has in the twelfth position. In addition, that León (26) would tie his place in the reclassification.

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