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The three cases in which you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet

The three cases in which you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet

In the same way that there are situations (very few) in which the DGT allows to travel by car without using the seat belt; there are cases in which it is allowed to ride a motorcycle without a helmet (They are very few too). These are very specific circumstances and they must be duly justified.

The helmet is the most important element of protection for motorcyclists. Its use is more than justified, suffice it to say that it prevents 44% of head injuries that can be derived from a motorcycle accident.

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The Traffic and Road Safety Law is very clear in this regard: the use of a helmet is compulsory for the driver and passenger, on all roads, both urban and interurban, and even at low speeds. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet has the same punishment as traveling by car without a seat belt. This means that, to this day, the fine for not wearing a helmet it is 200 euros and the loss of three points of the driving license; but once the reform of the Permit for Points is approved, there will be four points lost.

The three cases in which you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet

The DGT establishes three only circumstances in which it is allowed to travel on a motorcycle without a helmet:

  • Al reverse and park: “Drivers may remove their helmets when reversing or parking.”
  • When they have other security measures: “If motorcycles, tricycles or quadricycles and mopeds have self-protection structures and are equipped with seat belts.” In these cases, it must be indicated on the technical inspection card and they are obliged to wear this belt on all roads.
  • By medical indication: “People with a certificate of exemption for serious or disabled medical reasons.”

The three exemptions to the use of helmets are included in the Article 119 of the General Traffic Regulations; They must be duly justified by the driver whenever an agent of the authority requests it.

Noelia Lopez April 9, 2021 – 07:12 a.m.

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