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The tennis shoes that the best dressed will wear in spring, are these

The tennis se have become a welcome wardrobe staple both on red carpets and in street style, and as a new classic, they also tend to reinvent themselves for each season, through new proposals and collaborations that the new must-haves leave us.

This edition we pay special attention to a model that has been in the wardrobe of Princess Diana, top models and it-girls, and that is now painted with a very special decoration, to become a statement of style. Do you want to know what they are?

We do not speak of others that Converse sneakers, a classic that you probably already have in your collection, but that in its most recent collaboration with Like boys They have brought to light, in which they have released two variants with which we say goodbye (at least momentarily) to the white tennis shoes.

The sneakers that will become the obsession of spring

This model has a artsy touch, with which they are painted gray and carry the designs of the hearts of the brand with which they have collaborated in two different tonal ranges, their classic red and now in black, which now have the Silver Filigree color for canvas.

These sneakers were made in collaboration with artist Jack Purcell, who reinvented the brand’s colors. After a decade of carrying out this collaboration, this intervention creates a watershed that reveals the model with which we will obsess over the remainder of the year.

The advantage of these sneakers is that they give a break to both the white models and those with brunet tones, in addition to leaving aside the minimalism that it sometimes has.

Their synergy allows them to be easy to combine with jeans, skirts, shorts (a must for spring). They are ideal for spirits who believe in the most rebellious romanticism, in addition to removing the tedium that involves constantly cleaning white tennis shoes (we accept that we love them, but that sometimes is an inconvenience.

The sneakers that are a wardrobe classic

The Converse are a model with history that has fascinated all kinds of figures for decades, and even have a powerful message when carrying them. Some proofs of them are the story behind the pink model that Lady Di wore with a military uniform or the way in which the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris used them for her campaign before the presidential elections.

Now you are come alive from of this new model, which proves that the classics not only do not expire, but are reinvented. Remember that they will be available from April 1 of this year, while you can begin to remove from the bottom of the closet those looks with which you want to use them.

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