The Supreme Court dismisses Donald Trump’s last lawsuit

Donald Trump filed dozens of lawsuits after losing his presidential election in December, some of them in the US highest court. It is now clear: not a single one is successful.

More than six weeks after former US President Donald Trump stepped down, the US Supreme Court dismissed another Republican objection to the election result. In his anger over his own election defeat at the end of December, Trump again turned to the Supreme Court to take action against the election result – this time in the US state of Wisconsin.

The US Supreme Court decided against examining the case, as announced on Monday. According to US media, this was Trump’s last objection to the election result pending in the Supreme Court.

Victory in Wisconsin would not have changed the outcome of the election

According to his campaign team, Trump had wanted to achieve, among other things, that the election in the state of Wisconsin would be declared unconstitutional and invalid because of “multiple violations of the law”. A victory for Trump in Wisconsin would not have changed the outcome of the election. The Democrat Joe Biden had won the election last November by a clear margin.

Trump had defended himself against his election defeat with dozens of lawsuits and presented himself as a victim of systematic election fraud. Neither he nor his lawyers provided any substantiated evidence to support his allegations. Dozens of lawsuits have been thrown out of the courts, including several in the Supreme Court. Biden has been in office since January 20.

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