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The stylist who cut the hair of a girl who they say is Sara Sofía spoke

Sara Sofia She would be close to turning 4 months missing, as she was reported missing since last January 15. The stylist who cut the hair of a girl who they say is Sara Sofía spoke

The minor lived with her aunt, her mother’s sister and who had custody of the girl.

But her mother took her away one day and later appeared saying that the minor died and that she was thrown into the Tunjuelito river. However, in the last hours he assured that he gave it to a person.

That is why the researchers believe otherwise.

And although there are many versions that have been given about the case, nothing seems to give a trace of the minor.

Investigators in the case have shown concern that the child’s mother has changed her version several times.

The idea of ​​a possible pact of silence between the child’s mother and her stepfather has even taken hold.

Noticias Caracol had access to audios and the 138-page document where the entire investigation is recorded.

The “pact of silence” that Sara Sofía’s mother would have

One of the audios is from the street vendor who contacted Xiomara Galván, the girl’s aunt, through social networks, who assures that, between Carolina and Nilson Díaz, captured by the Police, there is a pact of silence.

According to what has been said, neither of them can reveal the truth of what happened:

“If he lets me, I’m going to throw him in the water, then a man came and she didn’t want to keep talking to me.”

According to Noticias Caracol, this version is corroborated by the girl’s aunt, who in her testimony before the 54th Prosecutor’s Office said that her sister was forced to give Nilson Díaz the money she earned as a sex worker.

The stylist who cut the hair of a girl who they say is Sara Sofía spoke

New hypothesis of a beauty salon

In the last week it was said that the girl had been seen in a beauty salon in Bucaramanga.

One of the minor’s aunts, Helena Galván, He assures that the little girl is not dead and they would have seen her in a Bucaramanga barber shop, along with a woman.

“” I believe that the girl is not dead for various reasons, people have called us, I myself went to a place where they told us that the girl had been in a barber shop in the Campo Hermoso neighborhood here in Bucaramanga, the barbers tell me that it was the girl, that a tall, dark woman had gone with the girl to cut her hair completely shaved, “said the woman.

Now it is revealed what the stylist said that would have cut the hair of the little girl.

He claims that the woman who took the child claimed to be the aunt and that, after the haircut, she immediately put a hat on her.

According to Noticias Caracol, the man said that:

It seemed strange to us that a girl of that age was braided like this, so short. And at once he put a cap on her and the lady told her that she was going to look pretty, how calm; the girl only with a charismatic smile. It was like weird, he didn’t laugh or speak or anything”, He declared.

Full of hope, Xiomara Galván, the little girl’s aunt, asked to reinforce the search.

The other hypothesis

Now they investigate if the beatings inflicted by Sara Sofía Galván’s mother would have caused the death of the baby.

The newspaper El Tiempo explained that:

“Little by little it has been known that The version that the girl died after eating food and later taking a nap would not be so true, rather, it is being investigated whether a strong blow caused by her mother would have been the cause of the minor’s death, ”indicates the media.

They also say that there are witnesses who have reported this version, but are protected.

After the violent death, the girl’s wounded body was allegedly taken by Nilson Diaz to a kind of sewer or pipeline in the neighborhood Class Roma, in the south of the city, explained the medium.

They even say that Díaz, would have knowledge of the exact place where the body was left and who would have the ability to guide the authorities to find it.

For now Nilson and Carolina stick to their version of an accidental death.

The couple decided that they would not accept charges for the crime of aggravated enforced disappearance.

And with the capture of the mother and stepfather, new and heartbreaking details emerge, which would make it clear that Nilson had a history of child exploitation.

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