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The stars of El Tri, Tecatito Corona and Chucky Lozano, remained on duty with Porto and Napoli

The two Mexicans who played for Serie A and the Champions League did not have good performances with their respective teams, both faced very tough rivals such as Juventus and Chelsea

Hirving Lozano and Jesus Crown they sealed a gray day in their respective participations. The ‘Chucky’ and Napoli fell to Juventus in the A league; Meanwhile he ‘Tecatito’ and the Porto suffered a painful 0-2 against Chelsea in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, a duel in which an error by the Mexican ended in the second goal for the English.

The ‘Chucky’ Lozano returned to ownership with the Naples after two months and he was far from his maximum level in the duel against Juventus, in which the Mexican left the substitution after 54 minutes of play so that his place was taken by Matteo Politano. Hirving gave 17 passes of which 15 were accurate for an 88% effectiveness, he won 2 duels and lost 4, tried a single dribble that did not bear fruit, received 2 fouls, lost 2 balls and recovered 2.

The youth squad of Pachuca He had little interaction with the ball and when he had it on his feet he sometimes lost it very simply or gave a bad pass, so he could not be a factor in the fall of his team against ‘Vecchia Signora’ in a direct match for the European posts of the A league.

On the other hand, the ‘Tecatito’ Corona It also went almost unnoticed, but in the case of the forged in the basic forces of Monterrey he collaborated for the second goal of the Chelsea, game that the Mexican played the 90 minutes.

The offensive contribution of Corona it was practically nil, while on the defensive he had some interventions to recover the ball. Although he started the game as a right midfielder in the final part, he passed as a winger on the same wing and at 84 ‘he did not control the ball well in the safety zone, a situation that Ben Chilwell took advantage of to profile himself only at the goal of Agustín Marchesín, who eluded to send the round to the networks.

Corona shot only once on goal and was blocked. Of 34 attempted passes, 25 were accurate for a 74% success rate, he won 7 heads-up matches and lost another 7, attempted 7 dribbles and triumphed in 3. He received 2 fouls, provoked 1, did not lose any ball and recovered 3 .

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