Elena Novikova

Elena Novikova

Elena destroyed the stereotype about the difficult perception by the public of female humor. She believes that everything depends on the speaker: how well he is prepared and has charisma.

“If they don’t laugh at my jokes, then I’m just not funny. If I cause pity in the audience when I talk about my personal life, it means that I poorly formulated a joke that looks like a complaint. Women are wonderful authors, tough, even tougher than men, ”retorted the comedian.

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She believes that the fairer sex is in no way inferior in the level of jokes to men. In this case, first of all, intelligence, erudition and flexibility of the mind play an important role.

“Women have wonderful logical brains. A joke is logic. This is the wording. These are two distinct stories, built on a gap of expectation. And that’s what a comedian does every day. He is looking for a joke with an entry and an inverted punch, so that there is a break in the expectation in the viewer’s head, resulting in laughter, “continued the stage star.

Elena proved that female humor exists

Elena proved that female humor exists

Elena proved that in Russia, female comedians can occupy a separate niche. It remains to convince his own father of this. The stand-up told how it happened. Once she performed once again with her program in Donetsk. Her mother was at the concert and looked at her daughter with admiration. Arriving home, the husband asked Elena’s parent how everything went: “Novikov, your daughter is a star! Dad then asked: “What did she do?”, Mom answered: “She did a stand-up.” And dad asked what it was all about. I explained that I am telling jokes from the stage. ” He: “How is Stepanenko ?!” Me: “Yes, ok. Like Stepanenko. ” It was clear to him, ”Elena laughed.

A new stage in Novikova’s career happened in 2021. After the release of the series “I’m not kidding,” they began to talk about her for the first time as a big star. The artist herself treats popularity with humor, as well as everything that happens to her in life.

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