31-year-old Alexandra Kuzenkina gave birth to a daughter last month. Only now the actress decided to announce the good news only now. In her personal blog, the star of the series has already published a photo with the heiress. “Our fish has come to us! On March 18, Bruno and I became the parents of our daughter Nicole. Be happy, daughter, we are near! ” – wrote the artist.

Netizens bombarded Alexandra with warm words. “What a surprise! All the best to you ”; “What a miracle”; “Well done. I wish you happiness! ” – the fans reacted. Kuzenkina’s colleagues from the series “Hotel Eleon” and “Grand” also joined in the congratulations. Diana Pozharskaya, Sergey Lavygin, Mila Sivatskaya, Angelica Kashirina wished both the young mother and the baby health.

Recall that Kuzenkina is in a relationship with the chef Bruno Corpino. In November 2020, the actress announced that she had moved to Italy for the sake of her chosen one. “Now I live in a different country, in the space of a different culture, different language, mentality, different cuisine … And my wonderful man is directly connected with Italian cuisine …” – said Alexandra.

The star of the series “Kitchen” Valeria Fedorovich became a mother for the second time

Earlier, the artist was married to the star of the series “Fizruk” Dmitry Vlaskin. The actors got married in 2014. Their marriage lasted only four years.

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