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After a 2020 crossed by the pandemic and its consequences, The first doses of the Sputnik V vaccine will arrive today in Mar del Plata and will begin to be applied from tomorrow initially among the health personnel of the intensive care units of the public and private sectors, as confirmed by health authorities to LA CAPITAL.

Upon arrival in the country of 300,000 doses of the vaccine of Russian origin against Covid-19, in the last hours distribution began throughout the national territory. With the 123,000 doses destined for the Province of Buenos Aires, General Pueyrredon “has everything in condition” to start the vaccination operation this Tuesday morning. “There is strong expectation and immense joy,” commented health system sources.

Authorities of Sanitary Zone VIII indicated that as planned, the first to access the vaccine will be health workers, more precisely and in the first instance, intensive care personnel, because they are essential agents and because they are more exposed to the virus.

The doses will arrive this Monday through mobile phones of the Argentine Post Office specially equipped for the task. The company is one of those in charge of logistics, together with Andreani.

Health workers, both in the public and private systems, will begin to be vaccinated early on Tuesday within the framework of the established schedule. The Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos (HIGA) and the Maternal and Child Hospital will be in charge of the entire process.

The executive director of Zona Sanitaria VIII, Gastón Vargas, was fully convinced of the effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine and specified that “These first doses are going to be distributed mainly in hospitals to vaccinate health personnel”, although he clarified that “it is not enough for all staff, so some services such as intensive therapy will be prioritized.”

In the Health Region, the vaccination process that will take place in General Pueyrredon will also extend to Tandil, Necochea, the Partido de la Costa and General Alvarado.

The next to get vaccinated

Once the vaccination of the intensive care personnel is completed, the rest of the health workers will continue.

In this sense, they estimate that as of January, with the arrival of a second stock of vaccines, The process will continue with adults over 60 years of age, young people over 18 with a risk factor, security forces personnel and teachers.

“What we are going to coordinate from the Health Region is the vaccination that will be able to be done in schools from January, when the second batch arrives, of approximately 4,800,000 doses that it will also go to hospitals but at the same time it will allow us to have some vaccines to start applying in schools ”, he specified.

For now, it is expected to have around 10 educational establishments and also health centers, points of reference to carry out the vaccination campaign.

“In January, the umbrella will be opened for the rest of the health personnel and those over 60 years of age, those over 18 with risk factors, and also teachers and security forces personnel will join, as long as there are more stock ”, added the executive director of Zona Sanitaria VIII.

More than 100,000 Buenos Aires have already registered

More than 100,000 Buenos Aires have already signed up online to receive the Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus, which will begin to be applied as of tomorrow.

Registration is done through the website enabled by the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires. In the page “Buenos Aires Vacunate”, the interested parties must complete their personal data and the system will grant an appointment.

It also clarifies that it is a public, free and optional plan, and there will be 313 vaccination points exclusive throughout the province.

For the first stage of vaccination, you must be between 18 and 59 years old and be able to prove pre-existing diseases, or be over 60, work in the health system, be a police officer, teacher or assistant.

The website also lists chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity as pre-existing conditions. And add the effects that the application can cause: fever, headache, swelling and pain, itching and redness at the application site, fatigue, loss of appetite, chills, sweating, muscle pain and joint pain.

The first to receive the vaccine this Monday at the San Martín de La Plata Hospital will be the governor Axel Kicillof, a medical therapist and two nurses, after which priority will be given to health personnel affected by intensive care.

Argentina received this Thursday the first 300,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine, developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute, out of a total of 20 million agreed with the Russian Investment Fund that will arrive in the coming months.

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