You shouldn’t watch the series The snake (Netflix) if you don’t have a strong stomach. The eight-part series, which premieres on Netflix this Friday, includes some vomiting scenes, which could turn your stomach, even if you are sitting in the comfort of your easy chair.

First of all, who was Charles Sobhraj?

The series shows the nasty modus operandi of a real life serial killer, Charles Sobhraj, played in this production by Tahar rahim, who used to drug his victims and then go to more brutal (and terrible) ways to kill them or keep them in captivity. A sick character, who took everything to the maximum until he delivered the final attack.

But there is also a greater discomfort with this series: Should a show about a serial killer? To add to your marathon, we leave you the most watched Netflix series so far this year.

What is The Serpent, the new Netflix series about?

Sobhraj, who has spent much of his life in prison, took advantage of young travelers who set out to discover the world, making the ‘hippy trail’ of Southeast Asia of the 70s: Thailand, Nepal and India. It was about travelers that he captured and made them disappear completely from the map, with this data it is enough to add it to our list of productions that are very scary and are based on real events.

Victims of Sobhraj, according to The snakeThey were young housewives suffocated by the conventions of life in the suburbs; were they aspiring Buddhists, or were enjoying a last year of debauchery before committing themselves to a righteous life; and on the other hand there were bourgeois boys from good French families, trying to amuse themselves with a patchouli cloud or something stronger.

The creepy superpower of Sobhraj it was that he could read the aspirations of these travelers and then use them to put his victims under his spell. ‘I’ve known guys like you all my life,’ he tells Dominique, a young Frenchman who tries to undertake one last adventure before returning home to his parents. When Dominique finally frees himself from the kidnapping of Sobhraj, we see how successful his captor was: his wealthy parents are there to pick him up at the airport.

At the beginning of the series, Sobhraj it needs a French-Canadian nurse dissatisfied with her life, Marie-Andrée Leclerc, played with great intensity by Jenna Coleman, whom you meet while on vacation. Leclerc soon abandons his provincial life and joins Sobhraj in Bangkok, moving into the shabby chic apartment complex where he lives as a modern gangster-sultan.

Next to him is a rare character, Ajay Chowdhury, interpreted by Amesh Edireweera, to perform minor tasks and the greatest misdeeds. Sobhraj christens Marie-Andrée ‘Monique’, a new name for the glamorous new life she seems to have found. But the shine soon wears off. Sobhraj, who everyone knows as Alain, is cold and distant; Monique is afraid she has made a terrible mistake. Although her style and hairstyle remain intact and her collection of kaftans grows, Monique grows increasingly uneasy and terrified of this man whom she loves and fears at the same time.

The tension of the series begins with a chase, led by a diplomat, Herman Knippenberg (Billy Howle), a character as firm and impassive as the hippies around him. Herman trusts his instincts and knows that foul play was involved in the disappearance of two Dutch tourists, along with his wife, played by a fantastic Ellie Bamber. This is how he doggedly pursues each clue until he gains strength, to finally convince the neighbor of Sobhraj to collect evidence against him.

Sobrhraj lives in a harmonious open-air residence, with its wicker chairs and tiled floors, in direct contrast to Herman Knippenberg. In the case of Herman Success doesn’t come through seductive, destructive charm, but through sweaty, unglamorous work.

The snake jumps in the timeline, taking the viewer forward months, then back a few. Although leaving aside the chronological jumps, this is a program that manages to surprise its viewers. The disgusting effect of The snake It comes not so much from its violent or very graphic parts, but from the description of the life of Sobhraj, and his crimes, as an integral part of a bohemian and elegant lifestyle.

The parties are frequent and very lively. There are endless days by the pool, trips to the beach, and dining at fancy restaurants. Not only is Monique always impeccably dressed, but also Sobhraj, with tight pants and polo shirts. Various scenes show how he keeps in shape. The characters on this show may be looking for a kind of spiritual enlightenment, but even they fall for the most superficial seductions.

And ultimately, the appeal of this show is not in the mystery that unfolds (a quick search Google will inform you about the fate of the main players involved), but is shown in a sun-drenched, seductive and relaxing environment, this story of betrayal and violence at the same time.

Before we all broadcast photos and snippets of our travels, from takeoff to landing, in instantly posted images, there was a real possibility of disappearing or even assuming an alternate identity when we had our passports stamped and entered a country where we did not. we knew nobody.

The snake it shows both the tantalizing lure of this possibility and the sinister danger behind it.

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