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The smartwatch that sweeps Amazon MX offers everything at a ridiculous price

Salandens smartwatch is # 1 in sales - Photo:

The Salandens smartwatch is number 1 in sales – Photo:

There is life beyond the Apple Watch. And it is neither more nor less than a watch from the Salandens firm that is in charge of proving it. It turns out that their model, with a fantastic quality / price ratio, has become the best-selling smartwatch from Amazon Mexico, with a very high average of ratings and more than 1,100 ratings from tremendously satisfied users. This is what you need to know about the device.

A watch with everything you need

Salandens does not have a very extensive catalog but, given what has been seen, it does not need to. This brand, today still unknown to many, is behind, as we pointed out, the smart watch number one in Amazon Mexico, a very wealthy team with a very powerful specification sheet, an attractive design and, of course, a very affordable price.

You are going to find yourself with a watch with a square case and a similar format screen. 1.4 inch color, through which you will be able to consult all kinds of notifications from your cell phone (incoming calls, SMS, Instagram messages, Facebook, etc.), as well as the data related to several of your functions, among which is :

  • your heart rate,

  • the measurement of your daily activity (calories consumed, distance traveled and steps taken),

  • or the management of your rest.

All the functions you can find in the Salandens watch - Photo:

All the functions that you can find in the Salandens watch – Photo:

The clock allows of course to control various sports practices such as walking, running, cycling, jumping or playing basketball, it alerts you if you are sitting for a long time and also makes it easy to control the music playback of your phone as well as the operation of your camera’s shutter to take photos in a convenient way. remote.

Water resistant (it has IP67 certification), its 180 mAh battery ensures autonomy of up to 7 days fully operational and up to 25 days on standby. To charge it (for which it will take, by the way, a couple of hours) it uses a magnetic USB-type charging cable. And if what worries you is aesthetically, that you know that in addition to coming with the pink silicone strap, it comes with the box another in black, so you can exchange them whenever you want.

All the information collected by the watch can always be consulted in a app on your cell phone, where you can from checking your sports performance to how your dream has been, going through the customization of your Watch Faces. It does not lack anything.

The smartwatch syncs with an app on your cell phone - Photo:

The smartwatch syncs with an app on your cell phone – Photo:

An unbeatable price

If to all the qualities that we have described you add a price that is difficult to reject, you will understand why this watch is so popular in Amazon Mexico.

And is that the smartwatch currently has 44% discount that places its price at $ 559 pesos, an amount that inevitably contrasts with models from big brands like Huawei (which almost triples it). Not to mention Apple with its Watch, whose oldest version available (the Series 3) exceeds $ 4,000 pesos. Now do you understand its great success?

If you want to see firsthand that good quality / price balance that the owners applaud this Salandens, that you know that you have it only a click scope below. You shouldn’t let it get away.

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