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The skills of cell phones, the interweaving of messages and the exact time of death will be key to determining the circumstances of the death of Paula Giménez

The skills of cell phones, the interweaving of messages and the exact time of death will be key to determining the circumstances of the death of Paula Giménez

The cell phone skills of Paula Giménez (21 years old), her ex-boyfriend, also a 21-year-old young man, and the intersection of calls with other telephone devices with family and friends, will be key pieces in determining the circumstances surrounding the death of the young posadeña artist – known as Gemma or Chini – linked to the world of rap.

Although the victim’s family has doubts about a possible suicide, they have not made any accusation against anyone and first await the official result of the autopsy that will determine -among other issues- the exact time of his death, to decide the steps to take. continue in the case, even if they constitute themselves as plaintiffs in it.

His early death, when dawn broke on Friday, December 25, at his home at the intersection of López y Planes and Jauretche de Posadas avenues, caused a stir in missionary society. Immediately, social networks were flooded with comments and indignation and multiple opinions were woven about his death. The judicial investigation is carried out by the Investigation Judge 3 of Posadas, Fernando Verón, who classified the case in the first instance as “doubtful death.”

The judicial investigation – through the Mission Police – investigates a possible suicide, although it does not also rule out the possibility of other lines of investigation.

In fact, hours after the body was found, the ex-boyfriend of Paula Giménez, a 21-year-old young man, the person who was with the victim, the last moments of his life, was delayed.

It is about Franco N., who gave testimonial statement in court and was later released, subject to the case. It follows, according to the young man, that he was with Paula at a meeting held in a house in front of the victim’s home.

He said that at dawn he accompanied Paula home and then left the place. He related that six months ago he had no formal relationship with Paula, and that she constantly, threatened to injure himself if he did not return to his side. He also stated that he got on a bus on Line 23 and the young woman remained alone at her home and continued to send her messages asking her to return or she would be injured.

Always according to Franco N.’s testimony, the young woman even sent him a photograph resting a knife on his leg and another forming a gallows with an electric cable. Reasons why, after receiving those photos, he called Rodrigo, acquaintance and owner of the house where they woke up at a party and he was the one who approached Paula’s home after 7:00 a.m. and found her lifeless, even tried revive her, but it was too late.

The preliminary report of the autopsy -whose official result will be submitted to the intervening magistrate in the next few hours- realizes that Paula Giménez died of “asphyxia by hanging” and the approximate or exact time of her death had not yet been determined, or at least it did not transpire unofficially this data, which will be compared with the report of the police forensic doctor.

They await the report of the Forensic Medical Corps

From the family of Pula Giménez they await the result of the report of the Forensic Medical Corps that will receive in Judge Verón, to determine the steps to follow. “Paula’s family did not make any accusations against anyone,” Nancy Jara, the lawyer representing the mother and sister of the deceased singer, told Misiones OnLine.

Tomorrow, Monday morning, the legal advisers of the family of Paula Giménez will appear before the Court of Instruction 3, to take a look at the file and it will be decided who will represent them in the legal face.

“It is vitally important to determine the exact time of death,” the lawyer stressed, for the prosecution of the case and to determine the steps to be followed by the victim’s family, who at this time are analyzing the possibility of becoming plaintiffs, if is that the tests merit a motive outside of suicide.

It was learned that this Monday, the family of the deceased young woman will release -through Instagram- a statement expressing the actions to be followed in the future. In the midst of deep displays of pain and consternation, the singer’s family and friends dismissed her remains yesterday at La Piedad de Posadas Cemetery.


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