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The "Silence pact" what would Sara Sofía’s mother have

There are many versions about the disappearance of little Sara Sofía. The “pact of silence” that Sara Sofía’s mother would have

The idea of ​​a possible pact of silence between the child’s mother and her stepfather has even taken hold.

On March 17, authorities captured the little girl’s mother in the south of Bogotá.

The Office of the Attorney General of the nation surprised the mother of the minor in an establishment at the time of her capture.

But not only was she arrested, but also her partner, identified as Nilson Díaz, was captured.

Since then, there are more questions than certainties surrounding the little girl’s case.

Noticias Caracol had access to audios and the 138-page document where the entire investigation is recorded.

The “pact of silence” that Sara Sofía’s mother would have

One of the audios is from the street vendor who contacted Xiomara Galván, the girl’s aunt, through social networks, who assures that, between Carolina and Nilson Díaz, captured by the Police, there is a pact of silence.

According to what has been said, neither of them can reveal the truth of what happened:

“If he lets me, I’m going to throw him in the water, then a man came and she didn’t want to keep talking to me.”

According to Noticias Caracol, this version is corroborated by the girl’s aunt, who in her testimony before the 54th Prosecutor’s Office said that her sister was forced to give Nilson Díaz the money she earned as a sex worker.

The history

The minor 23 months old, was reported as disappeared by her relatives since last January 15, 2021. The minor lived with her aunt, her mother’s sister and who had custody of the girl.

But her mother took her away one day and later appeared saying that the minor died and that she was thrown into the Tunjuelito river. However, he later said that he gave it to a person.

That is why the researchers believe otherwise.

The girl, apparently, was given or sold to a couple residing in Colombia.

But now another new revelation comes to light, from Nilson Díaz, former partner of Sara Sofía’s mother.

In an interrogation, the man who until now had denied the girl’s death, said that he did indeed die, according to Noticias Caracol.

Nilson assures that the little girl is not alive

His version changed and he assured that the little girl left her house alive. The Prosecutor’s Office, however, assures that there has not been a new interrogation and that the change of version of Nilson Díaz is not official.

In the last hours the authorities also confirmed that they found traces of blood in the house where Nilson Díaz lived.

On Wednesday afternoon, they found remains in the Tunjuelo river that raised the alarm among its inhabitants.

The discovery occurred in a canal in the town of Kennedy, located near the Tintal and Patio Bonito sector.

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