LOS ANGELES – He knew he was going to score. He knew he should score. He had made the promise. He had given a photographer a blue, sky-blue false nose. That beautiful universal symbol in homage to autism.

But, in the magnificent theater of uncertainty that is soccer, Jonathan Rodríguez did not know when, he did not know how … but he knew why. He would score Bravos de Juárez and extend Cruz Azul’s winning streak to 11 cars. The carousel of celestial illusion spews white smoke with its celestial nose.

At minute 89, when the chronometer of the impossible and the unthinkable starts to parade the seconds that register the great tragedies and the great feats, he appeared, he who had wandered, who had isolated himself in the warm night of Ciudad Juárez. The bullet man had the gunpowder ready.

He had saved the momentum, the rage, the explosion, the exquisiteness, for 89 minutes. Walter Montoya serves him as he starts from the bottom. Jonathan Rodríguez anticipates, and in a wink he controls and orders the ball. He fishes it in the air. There is a tender brutality or a brutal tenderness to the way the ball shoves his instep, as the Juárez trench crumbles.

Iván Vázquez Mellado stretches the skeleton. It dislodges the entire skeleton, wanting to lengthen it to the impossible dimension of a feat, but the ball had a sender, a dedication. He had a false nose color blue, color sky blue, color The Machine. 0-1. Eleven consecutive victory. Absolute leadership.


Juan Reynoso: ‘It’s easy to get into history as the winner’

The celestial coach spoke about Cruz Azul’s eleventh consecutive victory in the tournament.

Yes, the celestial carousel of illusion throws white smoke from the platform of La Noria, there, coming to life before the eternal silence of its neighbors in the Xilotepec Pantheon. They only had one party in common. Every November 2. Dead in their own captivity.

Eleven consecutive victories and there are still aftertastes. He shows manifest team strength, and even skepticism gives those blue-skinned fans a rash. Absolute leadership and the grumblings of “that story I already know by heart” persist. The mnemonics of discouragement, doubt, resentment, resentment.

But, the stepsons of 4-0 against Pumas in the last Semifinal seem to have cut the umbilical cord of that destiny, of those 23 years of great misfortunes. The #Megacruzazuleada seems to have been the grand finale of the #cruzazuleadas.

The ten reasons for believing in this Cruz Azul have already been listed, in this one, not in his tragicomic annals of the 23 years. And step by step, the team corroborates them.

Before Juárez, it was no different. Bravos gave his best game of the tournament. It is already known, the players choose the parties that suit them to sublimate themselves and secure another year of contract. The frontiersmen wanted to make history, but they will only be an appendix in Cruz Azul’s streak.

The Machine, this blue #Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train), took to the field wounded by absences. Its commander Luis Romo was sent to the hyperbaric. Ignacio Rivero is still in the infirmary. Orbelín Pineda and El Piojo Roberto Alvarado took the bench.

The team suffers, but not sorry or sorry. Suffer, but fight, impose, neutralize, dispose. It has happened before. Juan Reynoso seems to calibrate match by match to what is undoubtedly the most solid roster in Mexican soccer, above the gentrified opulence of the Monterrey, Tigres, América and Chivas teams.


Historic goal! Cabecita Rodríguez maintains the unbeaten streak of Cruz Azul

Juan Reynoso’s team defeated FC Juárez with the only goal in the 89th minute from Jonathan Cabecita Rodriguez. With this victory, he reached 11 consecutive victories to make history and surpass the Machine record that he achieved in 71-72.

On Friday night, before an unrecognizable Juárez, Reynoso adds a chilling experiment. El Piojo Alvarado finishes on the left side. The type does not riposte, does not repel. He is wrong and he makes amends. It suffers in the profiles of the brand, but bites, above. It is not the spirit of Alvarado that goes for each ball, it is the solidarity of the whole team.

Curious, because El Piojo does not rebel or disregard his obligations, on the contrary, he assumes that it is time to soak up sweat, and blood and tears, if necessary. And you know you are not alone. At his side, behind him, and in front of him, there is someone who closes ranks.

Imagine a character like Alvarado, who had just descended from the golden pre-Olympic podium, and who is publicly stripped of his tailcoat and dressed in overalls, sent in exchange at the Benito Juárez Stadium, so that he burps the champagne and begins to swallow his own sweat to pure gasp, marking unfortunate guys, desperate to claim as the players of Juarez.

To do this, you have to have trust and blind faith in your coach and your teammates. Nobody accepts to be sacrificed in abandonment. But, Alvarado, as has happened before with Romo, with Juan Escobar or with Rivero himself, they know that each partner is a guardian angel.

With Jonathan Rodríguez’s goal shining on the scoreboard as the final verdict, a couple of threats came against Cruz Azul. Referee César R. Palazuelos wanted to add drama and challenge the daring of the specters of the #cruzazuleadas.

The television rummaged in the cement faces, while the ball prepared its flight for the air attack of Juárez. Absolute tranquility. Concentration. Order. Nothing to do with those disjointed, tremulous, fearful faces of that fateful day of the #Megacruzazuleada before Pumas.

Beyond the evolution of football, work, sports, union, Cruz Azul, spiritually it has apparently banished those dark, gloomy passages, of unease, doubt, mistrust in themselves.

On Friday night, in those final places, in those crucial moments, in those episodes conducive to #cruzazulearla, the team showed cold blood. Zero hysterics. Zero dramas. Where there was black smoke, there, in La Noria, in the combustion of dreams, today the carousel launches fumaroles of white smoke. Be?