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The second meeting of the Quad against China on Tuesday, will include four countries including India. rest-of-world – World

Quad's second meeting against China on Tuesday, four countries including India will be included

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On the Corona epidemic (Corona) the list of friends of China surrounded all over the world is decreasing and many big countries of the world including America are now turning against it.

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  • Last Updated:October 5, 2020, 10:54 PM IST

Tokyo The second meeting of The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) to deal with the increasing threats from China will begin tomorrow (Tuesday) in Tokyo, Japan’s capital. Foreign Ministers of Australia, India, Japan and America will participate in this meeting. The first meeting of this organization was held in New York in 2019. In this meeting, a consensus can be reached in all countries to formally strengthen this organization on regional security.

At this time, China is in dispute with countries around the world. India and Japan in Asia are most affected by China’s aggressive expansionist policies to the Corona virus epidemic. These two countries are the largest economic and military power of this continent. On the other hand, America is also under stress on many issues with China. There are many such issues, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Embassy, ​​Tibet, which the US and China face. That is why these powers are seen to be united against China.

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India was the weakest link beforeIndia was considered as the second weakest link of the Quad. The reason for this was the economic trade between the two countries. After the change of power in India in 2014, the feeling of nationalism also increased rapidly. China has been viewed with suspicion in India since 1962. Recently, when China infiltrated the territory of Ladakh and carried out the incident of Galvan, India became completely disillusioned with the dragon. For this reason, India and America also came closer.

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