After the penalty sanctioned for FAS in the last minute of the classic, the Alianza players went directly against the arbitration shortlist to claim that they had been harmed. Iván Mancía was the one who, through an elbow, fouled Luis Peralta inside the area and ended up expelled for that situation. The other sanctioned was Henry romero, but because of something that happened after the game.

The defender first went to insulting the linesman for scoring the maximum penalty, after the game he almost fought with a physical trainer from the Tigres and ended up spitting on the Colombian striker. All this ended up being recorded by a fan in the stands of the stadium.

After the report presented by the referee, the sanctions for both players were known and they are quite exemplary. The two will miss several important games for Alianza and a repeat offense would give him more games off the field.. In addition to missing matches, there will also be a fine to pay.

Iván Mancía was sanctioned with two games and Henry Romero with three games plus a payment of 100 dollars. On the other hand, they explained that they analyze separately what happened with the FAS forward: “By virtue of the knowledge through social networks of an incident, between player number 16 Henry Romero and player number 9 Luis Peralta said action is pending resolution”.

If it ends up proving that Romero spat at the Tigers attacker, the 29-year-old footballer could suffer a much more serious sanction and that is consistent with the time that the world is experiencing due to the pandemic. They try to have as little contact as possible and their action goes beyond that.

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