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The law was passed this week

The law was passed this week

He project of Legal Interruption of Pregnancy (ILE) sanctioned this morning by the Senate of the Nation decriminalizes and legalizes abortion in the first 14 weeks of gestation, in addition to enabling conscientious objection of professionals who do not agree with this practice.

The main points of the new law are the following:

– The right of women and people with other gender identities with the ability to gestate to decide to terminate pregnancy, request and access abortion care, and receive post-abortion care in the health system services is enshrined.

– The initiative complies with the commitments assumed by the Argentine State in matters of public health and human rights

– Abortion will be allowed up to the fourteenth week, inclusive, of the gestational process.

– Outside this period, access can only be made in case of violation, or if the life or integral health of the pregnant person is in danger.

– In the case of minors under 13 years of age, informed consent and the assistance of at least one of their parents or legal representative is required.

– For adolescents between 13 and 16 years old, you must have a companion or “affective reference”.

– People over 16 years of age have full capacity to give their consent.

– Prior to performing the abortion, the informed consent of the pregnant person expressed in writing is required.

– The health professional who must intervene directly in the interruption of pregnancy has the right to exercise conscientious objection.

– In the event that a private institution does not have professionals to carry out the termination of pregnancy, it must arrange for referral to another institution.

– Health personnel must observe dignified treatment, respecting the personal and moral convictions of the patient.

– The privacy and the right to intimacy of people who resort to institutions to request an abortion must be maintained.

– In cases of rape whose victims were girls or adolescents, this crime must be reported.

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