the ruling party turned the new retirement mobility into law

In defending the Executive Power project, which has the sanction of the Senate, the deputy of the Frente de Todos, Marcelo casaretto, President of the Social Security and Pension Commission, stated that “the government’s objective is for the country to grow and for the benefits of that growth to reach workers and retirees. “

As an informant member of the ruling party, the Entre Ríos recalled that the initiative was debated in a mixed bicameral commission that he had to preside over and that he arrived at an opinion after 17 meetings with specialists, added to the three meetings of the plenary of commissions.

“It is the project that had the most discussion in Argentina in this parliamentary year from the point of view of the number of meetings”, projection. Then he explained that the retirement mobility scheme has a “direct impact” on 7 million retirees and pensioners, and 17 million people if the beneficiaries of ANSES social policies are also considered.

In turn, the president of the Budget Committee, Carlos Heller, he weighed the index promoted by the ruling party, stating that “the parity companies are going to close above inflation because the economy is going to grow.” “Give us time”, so that the policies of the national government give results “despite the difficulties,” he asked.

By the opinion of the minority, from the opposition, the deputy of Together for Change, Alejandro Cacace, questioned the decision of President Alberto Fernández, to suspend the mobility applied during the government of Cambiemos and argued that “The concept of this project is the adjustment: that is what they have come to do.”

The San Luis legislator criticized the fact that the government project proposes including the collection as a variable, and in this regard indicated that “practically nowhere in the world is it used to adjust the salaries of retirees.”

“They propose a collection that has been down this year, but also if salaries grow more than the collection they put it as a limit, but if the collection falls there they make the retired partners in the losses of the AFIP as they have made during this 2020 “, he warned.

Also, the national deputy Paula Oliveto Lake, from the Civic Coalition, asked himself: “With what face are we defending this” and fired: “in my neighborhood this is called adjustment”, at the same time that he stated that “retirees have been humiliated for years by the political class” . “We should be sad, not celebrating, because we are not fulfilling what we promised our grandparents,” he added.

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Sergio Massa received a visit from the Minister of the Interior,

Sergio Massa received the visit of the Minister of the Interior, “Wado” De Pedro, during the treatment session of Retirement Mobility in Deputies

Likewise, the deputy of the Left Front Nicolas del Caño, author of another of the minority opinions, considered: “We are witnessing an adjustment: here there is no crack.” “All governments reach out to older adults as we have seen for decades,” he said.

To its turn, the deputy of the Federal Unit for Development, Jose Luis RamonHe anticipated his support for the new pension mobility formula being debated by the lower house, arguing that this scheme promoted by the ruling party gives retirees “predictability for the future.”

“We are going to accompany this project and we believe that, even though it is not the best formula, it is a formula that looks positive, that looks at an economy that can recover in our country,” said Ramón, basing his support for the Executive’s project.

For the legislator from Mendoza, “we must protect the true economic interests that are those of the people and not of the big businessmen who do not stop doing business after business.”

For his part, the Federal Consensus deputy, Jorge Sarghini, questioned the pension mobility formula being debated by the lower house and considered that the system is “unsustainable because there is a large percentage of black workers.”

Sarghini said that by 2023 “Argentines after 3 periods of government will be 15% poorer, including retirees who earn the minimum.”

The national deputy of the Frente de Todos, Fernanda vallejos placeholder image highlighted the new calculation of retirement mobility when considering that “it is about the restoration of a formula that, during its validity, allowed a recovery of 26% of pension assets, against a loss of 20 percent.”

In this way, the legislator weighed the pension formula that worked between 2008 and 2017, to the detriment of the coefficient in 2018 and 2019 due to the management of Cambiemos. “We have come to fulfill an electoral contract with our people. A commitment to an economic model that favors the majority, that recovers salaries in real terms, that puts the soils, pensions, and rates of employment back in a harmonious relationship. public services, the sensitive prices of the economy, with the growth of demand, activity and employment “, Held.

At the time of closing, the head of the Juntos por el Cambio bench, Mario Negri, I consider that “The formula they want to vote on ignoring inflation is to have myopia on the degree of the economic crisis in Argentina. We asked for a minimum inflation base so as not to fill us with uncertainty.”

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Máximo Kirchner recalled the vote on Macri's pension reform.

Máximo Kirchner recalled the vote on Macri’s pension reform.

The head of the block of the Frente de Todos, Maximum Kirchner, ended the debate with a fiery speech that recalled the 2017 vote. “The Macrismo Chief of Staff, Marcos Peña, during the electoral process, assured everyone that there was not going to be a pension reform in Argentina. Months later, we found ourselves with the installation of this formula that today we have come to change ”, he said.

“What we are doing is complying with what we said in the electoral campaign, that we believed that this formula was the best so that retirees and retirees could gradually recover the income they lost with the change of formula made by Mauricio Macri, and not only for the change of formula but with the macro policy ”, he concluded.

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Deputies and deputies continued to debate legal abortion in the Senate from the Hall of Lost Steps of Congress.

Deputies and deputies continued to debate legal abortion in the Senate from the Hall of Lost Steps of Congress.

The project, with the approval of the Senate, It combines 50% of ANSES collection and another 50% of salary variation, arising from the highest percentage between that measured by INDEC and the RIPTE index prepared by the Ministry of Labor.

It is a similar formula (with some patches) compared to the one that prevailed in the country between 2008 and the end of 2017, when the Government of Cambiemos managed to approve a different mechanism that took into account the component of inflationary variation.

During today’s session, Deputies approved the bill sent by the Executive Power by which President Alberto Fernández is authorized to leave the country in 2021 when government reasons so require, and an agreement with Qatar to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion.

The initiative to allow the President of the country to leave was approved by 227 votes in favor, in compliance with the provisions of section 18 of article 99 of the National Constitution. The project was approved without speakers in order to speed up the time of the session that will last until dawn due to the number of speakers signed up to discuss the new retirement mobility formula.

Later, the Chamber of Deputies approved an agreement signed between Argentina and the State of Qatar to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion in terms of income and wealth taxes and its protocol, signed in the city of Washington, United States, April 19, 2018.

The agreement was approved by 228 votes in favor, two against -of the deputies of the left Nicolás Del Caño and Juan Carlos Giordano-, and two abstentions -of the ruling party Verónica Caliva and Juan Carlos Alderete-.

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