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the ruling party seeks to make law the new retirement mobility

The session began shortly after 11:40, after the ruling party asked to postpone the start for half an hour to gather a quorum, which was finally achieved with the backing of the legislators of the Frente de Todos and some provincial blocs.

Shortly before 11:30, when the half hour of tolerance for the start of the session was fulfilled, the deputy of the Frente de Todos Cecilia Moreau He asked for 30 more minutes of time to allow the arrival of legislators who were in the vicinity of Congress and could not enter due to the traffic cuts in the area.

It is that the accesses to Parliament are cut off by the operation ordered by the marches that take place in front of the legislative palace before the debate in the Senate of the project to legalize abortion, which will begin at 4:00 p.m.


Before the debate on the new pension mobility formula begins, Deputies approved the bill sent by the Executive Branch by which President Alberto Fernández is authorized to leave the country in 2021 when government reasons so require, and an agreement with Qatar to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion.

The initiative to allow the President of the country to leave was approved by 227 votes in favor, in compliance with the provisions of section 18 of article 99 of the National Constitution.

The project was approved without speakers in order to speed up the time of the session that will last until dawn due to the number of speakers signed up to discuss the new retirement mobility formula.

Then, The Chamber of Deputies approved an agreement signed between Argentina and the State of Qatar to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion in matters of income and wealth taxes and its protocol, signed in the city of Washington, United States, on April 19, 2018.

The agreement was approved by 228 votes in favor, two against -of the deputies of the left Nicolás Del Caño and Juan Carlos Giordano-, and two abstentions -of the ruling party Verónica Caliva and Juan Carlos Alderete-.

At the beginning of the debate on the new pension mobility formula, the president of the Pension and Social Security committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcelo casaretto, defended the project and in this regard affirmed that it is “a very good law” and that “time will prove the reason” to the Frente de Todos in this debate.

As an informant member of the ruling party, the Entre Ríos recalled that the initiative was debated in a mixed bicameral commission that he had to preside over and that he arrived at an opinion after 17 meetings with specialists, added to the three meetings of the plenary of commissions.

“It is a project that had the most discussion in Argentina in this parliamentary year from the point of view of the number of meetings”, he highlighted.

Then he explained that the retirement mobility scheme has a “direct impact” on 7 million retirees and pensioners, and 17 million people if the beneficiaries of ANSES social policies are also considered.

The bill, with half approval from the Senate, combines 50% of ANSeS collection and another 50% of salary variation, arising from the highest percentage between that measured by INDEC and the RIPTE index prepared by the Ministry of Labor.

It is a similar formula (with some patches) compared to the one that prevailed in the country between 2008 and the end of 2017, when the Government of Cambiemos managed to approve a different mechanism that took into account the component of inflationary variation.

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