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the rift duels and electoral data for 2021

The end of the year, almost coinciding with the first 12 months of the Frente de Todos, left at least a dozen studies of public opinion as a political balance. The vast majority focused on a national gaze. But, How did Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner do in the province of Buenos Aires? And your governor, Axel Kicillof? And to the main referents of the opposition? A new survey which you accessed Clarion puts numbers to this scenario.

The study that addresses the complex situation in Buenos Aires is of Projection, a consulting firm that usually measures in the district and whose team also does work for the National University of La Matanza, linked to the ruling party. His latest survey included a survey of 1,695 cases, between December 5 and 8, and with a 2.38% margin of error.

As a summary, the report presents the following at the outset conclusions:

– “Poverty, unemployment and insecurity they are identified as the main problems at this time. “

– “The perception of health status within a month is mostly positive“.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Mauricio Macri.  Two poles in the image in the province of Buenos Aires.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Mauricio Macri. Two poles in the image in the province of Buenos Aires.

– “There is a growth in the positive perception about the management of covid-19 both at the national and provincial level.”

– “59.8% positively highlighted some area of ​​management of the Provincial Government. Among the best performing areas they rank first Healthsecond Social development and later, Public work“.

– “84.9% highlighted positively some measure of the Provincial Government against Covid-19. The most prominent measures are isolation, suspension of class and opening of hospitals“.

– “He 57.2% would be given the vaccine against Covid-19 and 20.9% would not. “

– “83.4% agree that First get vaccinated essential workers and people at risk“.

– “The images of Alberto Fernández and Axel Kicillof show a growth with respect to the months of August, September and October, in which they had suffered a drop. The current values ​​are similar to those of March, prior to the pandemic, recovering a positive differential. For its part, the image of Cristina Kirchner is the most polarized and like the previous ones, it is located at pre-pandemic levels “.

President Alberto Fernández is the ruling party with the best image in the Province.

President Alberto Fernández is the ruling party with the best image in the Province.

– “In the opposition space, Mauricio Macri does not present variations significant in their valuation in the last year and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is the leader that higher positive differential accumulates “.

– “For his part, Maria Eugenia Vidal, after showing growth between May and September, marks a decline and its acceptance is situated in similar percentages at the beginning of the year “.

– “Regarding the representation of the electorate, the Frente de Todos groups a 40,9% and Together for Change 22,5%, while 27.4% do not feel represented by ‘none’ “.

Image duel

When the numbers of the images of the six great referents of the crack are analyzed, they can be summarized three results: tie between Alberto and Larreta (with a better perspective for the head of government), victory for Kicillof over Cristina and also victory for Vidal over Macri.

The President combines 54.4% positive and 35.6% negative. Larreta, meanwhile, has almost the same assessment in favor (54.3%) although much less against it (29.5%). This leaves you with a better spread to grow.

survey projection ranking image province

The governor, for his part, also had a balance in favor: + 47.6% and – 41.1%. After several months with a negative differential, Kicillof regained “positivity” last month. And that allowed him to surpass Cristina. The vice combines + 45.8 and – 46.8; slight balance against.

A lower step was Vidal. The former governor, with + 38.9 and – 48.4%, is clearly above Macri. Always according to the data of Projection, in the province of Buenos Aires the former president of PRO is the least loved: + 27.5% and – 61.1%.

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