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The richest roscas de Reyes in Mexico City

The 6th of January is coming, the celebration of the Magi and with it the rosca game. These are some of our favorite places that over time we have tried on different occasions:

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Gerardo Vázquez Lugo and Doña Elena Lugo present a traditional recipe with a lot of butter flavor, notes of orange blossom and orange zest. Set it aside to secure yours.

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Of Micaela Miguel and Monica Patillo This beauty with a soft texture thread arrives with two options: the classic one and with apricots.


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Although they are in San Miguel de AllendeThey arrive at your door in CDMX if you place your order one day in advance. In addition to the rosca de reyes they have the rois biscuit, another tradition for the time rooted in France, an option for those who like almonds.


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Pastry chef Aldo Saavedra, in addition to the classic one, has a hibiscus filled with guava. If you like punch, this is the one.


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Mother Coffee

In addition to the bread being soft and its sugar coating and delicious crystallized fruit, if you get a little pink doll, the house will invite a donation of tamales from Don Vic, Víctor Zárate’s father, who has the most famous tamales in the neighborhood of Tepito.

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Rosetta Bakery

If you liked the panettone of Elena Reygadas, then their rosca de reyes will also be one of your favorite flavors of 2021. There is an individual size and a large one, which you must order a day in advance. They are decorated with prunes and kumquats.


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Alba local cuisine

The touch of this rosca de reyes is in its topping: peanut praline, ate marinated in anise syrup, Chinese oranges candied in cloves and figs resposted with cinnamon syrup. The size is individual and goes very well with a glass of cold milk.

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Amado Pastry

It is made with almond paste, very similar to frangipane. With a touch of orange and orange blossom as well as a cover of almond paste and black cherries.


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Its filling is discreet and delicious, it has an almond marzipan and is decorated with a crust of sugar and chocolate.

Photo: Juan Pablo Tavera

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Iron palace

Inside the gastronomic area of ​​this department store from January 1 to 7, a special rosca de reyes will be baked, as it is accompanied by pairing. Is about Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or, a distillate that will accompany the seasonal sweet bread in a 750 milliliter presentation plus a mini gift bottle. East whiskey Originally from the Scottish Highlands, it has notes of red cherries, green cherries, crystallized orange combined with green and red ate due to being matured in French sweet Sauternes wine barrels.


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