The revamped Outlook Calendar view is coming very soon

During the conference of the Ignite This year, Microsoft announced a new Calendar view for Outlook on the web. The truth is that Microsoft has a lot of work to do on the Calendar to make it more attractive to users. The new calendar view is much more complete showing more options. Let’s get to know her a little better.

The Outlook Calendar will release a much more complete view

The reality is that this view offers us a free style against the traditional grid view of Outlook Calendar. The new view provides us with a customizable experience to organize and manage Microsoft To-Do calendars, files, reminders, and lists. Thus, the calendar goes from being a calendar to bringing together everything that we want to have on our daily agenda.

The new Outlook Calendar view

This turns our Calendar into a Swiss Army knife with access to all the apps that may require us to adapt our schedule. This is possible thanks to Fluid Framework that allows us to have everything at our fingertips and interact with these elements.

Through the Microsoft 365 admin center It has been announced that the new view will begin to be available in mid-April for a first group of users. The launch for the rest of the users will be at the end of May and its deployment will be completed at the end of June.

The Outlook team is doing a great job making a quality leap in Calendar. We already know that they were working on a new app and that later that work was canceled to focus on other things. This new style is very ambitious and we love to see how the different Microsoft apps are integrated to make it easier for us to work with these apps.

This justifies that this app has been on the side lately, Microsoft when it takes a while without indicating anything is that something they planned. This direction is very interesting and it seems that the new calendar will be more powerful than ever.

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