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The reasons why Chivas succeeded in renewing Víctor Manuel Vucetich

Chivas opted for the continuity of Víctor Manuel Vucetich and we break down the positive points of the decision of the Guadalajara team

After the renewal of Victor Manuel Vucetich in front of Chivas, in ESPN Digital We present the reasons why Guadalajara succeeded in providing support to ‘King Midas’ in his process.

Continuity in the process

Unlike what happened in the processes with different strategists such as: Luis Fernando Tena, Tomás Boy and José Cardozo, the Guadalajara board will bet on continuity with the now Chivas strategist, which is why he currently remains at the head as the technical director with the most matches directed in the last three years.

With 36 games at the helm of Chivas, the ‘King Midas’ surpassed the mark of 21 games by Luis Fernando Tena, in addition to the 14 games by Tomás Boy and 29 games by José Cardozo, being surpassed only by the 104 games led by Matías Almeyda .

Better start than Almeyda in Liga MX

With this support, the club’s sports management headed by Ricardo Peláez, will seek to emulate what happened in the management of Matías Almeyda with Chivas, where with a continuity in his process in less than three years he achieved a total of five titles: a Liga MX, two Copa MX, a Super Cup and a Concacaf Champions League.

Leaving aside the first Cup title (Apertura 2015) of Matías Almeyda, Víctor Manuel Vucetich had a better start than the Argentine strategist in his process with Chivas, since he overcame the first tournament of the ‘Pelado’ without qualifying for the league and the defeat against America in the quarterfinals in the Clausura 2015, after in his first tournament the ‘King Midas’ qualified for the repechage phase reaching the league in the semifinals, while in the current championship he was eliminated.

Optimal performance as DT

After the outstanding process of Matías Almeyda at the helm of Chivas, the second best coach of the last six years at Guadalajara is Víctor Manuel Vucetich, since with 36 games played, the command of the rojiblanco team has only eight defeats, 13 draws and 14 triumphs, a record that maintains it with an effectiveness of 51%.

With the current numbers of ‘King Midas’ under the command of Guadalajara, he has exceeded his predecessors with a great margin of effectiveness, since with the 51% that he currently maintains, he exceeds the 49% registered by Luis Fernando Tena, in addition to the 33% of Tomás Boy and 40% of José Cardozo.

Given these numbers, the now renewed Chivas strategist, likewise remains in second place as the strategist with the highest number of directed games (36) in the last six years, only behind Matías Almeyda who added a total of 104 games to the command of the Sacred Flock.

Return to Liguilla and semifinals

Another of the main aspects for which the Guadalajara board of directors gave their support to the process of Víctor Manuel Vucetich was the achievement obtained in his first tournament (Guard1anes 2020), where he obtained the pass to the league after six consecutive tournaments without entering the ‘big party’ of Mexican soccer, since the 2017 Clausura Tournament where Chivas was proclaimed champion, which is why the ‘King Midas’ returned to the Sacred Flock to a final instance after two and a half years without entering the final phase of the championship.

In addition, returning to the rojiblanco team, Víctor Manuel Vucetich managed to take revenge against América, since after 14 years Chivas had not beaten América in a league since the last time they faced each other in the 2006 Apertura Tournament.

Homegrown opportunity

Despite the fact that during his process he only made the debut of two elements of the rojiblanca quarry, Víctor Manuel Vucetich gave the opportunity to different youth players to achieve a greater number of minutes in the first division as in the case of Eduardo Torres, who became A key piece of his team in the midfield, since, after adding 58 minutes in his first tournament, he managed to harvest 15 games and 926 minutes in this championship.

For his part, Luis Olivas, became the first Guadalajara youth squad to make his debut under the command of Víctor Manuel Vucetich, after during Guard1anes 2020, he entered the field in the first leg of the semifinal against León. Despite having very few minutes in his debut, the revenge for the defender came in this championship, after becoming the starting center-back of the last four rounds by adding 460 minutes, leaving elements like Antonio Briseño on the bench.

Similarly, Sergio Adrián Flores made his debut at the age of 25, in the Puebla match against Chivas, after entering the exchange on January 8, 2021, which became the second and last debut of Víctor Manuel Vucetich with Guadalajara, finishing the tournament with a total of 190 minutes played.

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