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The reasons for the defeat of Pumas against America

Pumas wasted very clear scoring options and paid for its ineffectiveness against the rival frame with the elimination

MEXICO — Pumas lived the miracle of arriving with repechage options to the commitment of the last day against America; However, the feline painting wasted all opportunities and lost 0-1 to the hated rival.

The Auriazules needed three previous results to depend on themselves and everything worked in their favor, but they could not achieve the victory they needed despite the multiple options they had in attack.

Then in ESPN Digital we present the reasons why Pumas he lost the Capital Classic and lost the opportunity to enter the playoffs.

Juan Dinenno Fallas

The referent of the auriazul attack had two clear goal options. The first was a header after a left cross where he was left alone among the azulcremas centrals; However, he turned his head too much and his shot was just one side of Guillermo Ochoa’s goal.

The second was a heads-up in the area where he was able to define his left leg after a pass from Gabriel Torres, but he decided to make a cut to the center to be outlined on the right side and that time he lost, allowed him to reach the American defender to cut the play.

Juan Pablo Vigón Failure

The feline captain had the first of the match and one of the four clear goal options. The Mexican midfielder received, just started the game, a center in the small area that did not define in a good way despite having an open goal. Vigón crossed his shot a lot and went one way.

Gabriel Torres Failure

The Panamanian did not adapt to this tournament with the felines and the proof was that he lost a heads-up to Ochoa after a center from Carlos Gutiérrez. The canalero hit the ball badly and instead of hitting the ball solidly, he finished off with the studs and the ball was rolling to Guillermo Ochoa.

Bad mark of Facundo Waller

As if that were not enough, the defeat was consummated with the lack of the Uruguayan trade to defend, and that is that although he was well outlined in the hand-to-hand by the band with Alan Media, when pressing him and pairing up in the race, He stumbled, lost time and this was taken advantage of by the Azulcrema player to enter the area, where he took the center that Henry Martín finished off.

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