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The Province will intensify controls and tests, but will not restrict night traffic

Córdoba will seek to contain the rise in coronavirus infections throughout the province based on more tests, health controls, compliance with protocols and articulation with municipalities.

All prevention and control measures will be intensified as of this weekend, seeking not to have to apply more restrictive measures, such as the “sanitary curfew” at night proposed on Wednesday by President Alberto Fernández to all governors in a joint meeting via Zoom.

As he could know The voiceAt the press conference that Schiaratti and the Minister of Health of the Province, Diego Cardozo, will give this afternoon, measures will be announced to increase the number of tests and to intensify the control of compliance with the protocols in different activities.

There will also be a more coordinated work in this sense with the municipalities in the interior of the province.

But at the same time it would be confirmed that Córdoba, for now, will not apply restrictions to nighttime traffic, as promoted by the national government.

“Each jurisdiction has a different health reality, and determines the way in which it seeks to contain contagions. In the health agenda of the Province of Córdoba there is, for now, the application of time restrictions,” they said from the Province.

However, the source consulted highlighted the “for now”, warning that if the new cases continue to rise, the decision could be revised.

In the last two days, new cases in Córdoba have risen significantly, from an average of 300 last week to 900 this week.

The proposal that Alberto Fernández made to the governors involves applying a kind of sanitary touch between 23 and 5 in the morning, allowing only the circulation of essential personnel.

What the national government is seeking is to contain the proliferation of parties featuring young people, who have been the greatest spreaders of the disease in recent months.


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