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The President harangued the Cabinet with his 20 “Albertist” truths that he wrote after the sanction of legal abortion

Alberto Fernández in the Casa Rosada after assuming as President
Alberto Fernández in the Casa Rosada after assuming as President

For days in Olivos the President has commented on the historical importance of the 20 truths of Peronism that Juan Domingo Perón pronounced on October 17, 1950. Alberto Fernández assumes that it is a political dogma raised by the General to frame a government program and establish a conceptual roadmap. “They are not facts, it is a doctrine. Believe it or not believe it ”, explained in the privacy of power.

Around eight in the morning, when the local and international media reported on the approval of legal abortion in Argentina, Alberto Fernández decided to present his 20 truths. They were handwritten, and excited it barely took five minutes. “They are truths that have to become dogma. They are facts that we have to transform into a dogma, ”he assured a member of the Cabinet via chat from Olivos.

-If they are facts, they can be criticized …– They answered the President on his personal cell phone.

They are not written as dogma. But it has the spirit of dogma. Therefore, they cannot be contested.– completed the head of state.

The 20 truths of Alberto Fernández, in addition to being presented as a dogma of faith, it is a journey uncritical of the management carried out in the first 12 months of the Peronist government. It is a personal balance made by the President, and although the political intention is not explicit, it appears as plausible that it is an elliptical response to the unexpected letter that Cristina Fernández posted on December 9, 2020.

Alberto Fernández greets the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, a key part of his government
Alberto Fernández greets the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, a key part of his government

When he finished writing his 20 Truths, The President searched his cell phone for the ministers’ chat, which was burning commenting on the final sanction of the law of legal abortion.

And wrote:

“Read carefully what follows.


1. With the ALIMENTAR card we take care of those who suffered from hunger. In our Argentina, in the midst of a pandemic, no one was short of a plate of food. We comply.

2. With the AUH increases we help the families most in need. We comply.

3. We preserve their income for retirees, even setting a new model for the mobility of their assets and we returned the free remedies they require. We comply.

4. Faced with the pandemic, and in record time, we set up a battered health system. Faced with this state of affairs, no Argentine lacked the medical assistance he needed. We comply.

5. To preserve the sources of registered work we created the ATP. At the same time we promoted public works to help the economy not stop. We comply.

6. We avoid layoffs with double severance pay and today employment is beginning to recover. We comply.

7. We lowered inflation by 20 percentage points, even though inflation should be our main combat objective. We comply.

8. In the midst of the pandemic, we ordered our debt with private creditors. When the decade that we began passes, we will see that Argentina saved 38,000 million of debt. We comply.

9. Thanks to this negotiation, we avoid paying 7,000 million dollars in interest in this year that is ending. We comply.

10. We help the middle sectors and independent professionals in the middle of the pandemic with credits at a rate of 0 that will begin to pay next year. We comply.

11. Electricity and gas rates were frozen preserving service while the pandemic raged. Cellular telephony, Internet and cable TV are today public services with preserved rates for users. We comply.

12. With the IFE we bring resources to those most in need. With the Solidarity Contribution, we require help in the emergency of those who have the most. We comply.

13. We enact the law of knowledge economy and we expand the frontiers of technology while creating thousands of jobs. We comply.

14. We preserve indebted companies by granting them moratoriums that prevented the State from suffocating them. We comply.

15. We are making progress in improving the judicial institution by promoting reforms in the federal jurisdiction and in the functioning of the Court, Public Ministry and Council of the Magistracy. We comply.

16. We regain our role in the international concert. We were in the G 20 fixing our positions. We are resolutely involved in the preservation of democracy and human rights in Latin America. With Evo Morales, we set an example to the world that allowed Bolivia to recover its institutions. We comply.

17. We put our researchers back in the same place they always should have been. Science and Technology today are a Ministry. We comply.

18. In the midst of the greatest global crisis, we put into orbit a satellite that provides us with data for production and the climate, which was developed entirely in Argentina. We comply.

19. Faced with widespread disbelief, in December we began the vaccination process against COVID 19, which will be the largest in our history. We comply.

20. Against those who said “this is not the time” we declare abortion safe, legal and free. Thus we made a better society, expanding women’s rights and preserving their public health.

We finished the most difficult year in our memories with very important achievements. But they were not the only ones. Realize what we did in a world in which everything known became insufficient. Congratulations to everyone. We did it”.

The presidential harangue put the palatial inmates in parentheses. It is a political respite. Until the beginning of next year.

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