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The PP would obtain 60 minutes and would be 9 of the majority, according to the La Razón survey

Madrid, Apr 26 (EFE) .- The Popular Party of Isabel Díaz Ayuso would win the regional elections on May 4 with 41 percent of the votes followed by the PSOE with 23.2 percent if elections were held today, according to an Electomania-EM survey published in today’s edition of La Razón.

These percentages would grant the PP 60 seats, a result that would leave them with 9 seats of the absolute majority. The PSOE would obtain 33 deputies, placing next More Madrid that with 13.9 percent of the votes would obtain 20 minutes.

Vox would be the fourth political force in the region with 9 percent of the votes obtaining 13 deputies, while Unidos Podemos with 7% of votes obtains 10 seats.

Citizens would be further and further away from entering the Madrid Assembly by obtaining only 4 percent of the votes, as it is necessary to exceed 5 percent to enter the Madrid Assembly.

According to the survey with these results, the only possible pact for the formation of the Government continues to be the sum of the votes of the Popular Party and Vox. The popular would achieve 60 seats and would be 9 of the absolute majority, while the Vox would have 13 seats in the Assembly, so their sum would give them a very comfortable majority to be able to govern for the next two years.

The sum of the Left formations does not manage to form an absolute majority, according to the study.

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