The Pope’s reaction to the legalization of abortion …

The reaction of the Catholic Church against the approval of the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE) Do not be late. A few hours after the law was passed, Pope Francis ratified his defense of the “gift of life”. While, the Argentine bishops questioned “the remoteness of the Argentine leadership from the feelings of the people” and warned that the new law “will further deepen the divisions in our country”.

Jorge Bergoglio’s message was elliptical with respect to what happened in Argentina. In fact, he did not refer to the case. But during the last audience of the year at the Vatican Library, he ratified the invariable posture of the church.

“We are all born because someone has desired life for us”he said in front of a stark group of bishops and cardinals. “Christians, like all believers, bless God for the gift of life. To live is above all to have received life, “he said in his speech.

It was not the only allusion that the Argentine pontiff dedicated to the subject. Yesterday, while in the Argentine Congress the project sent by the government of Alberto Fernández was debated, the Pope tweeted some suggestive lines with the classic parabolic language of the bishops.

“The Son of God was born discarded to tell us that every discarded person is a son of God. Came to the world like a child comes into the world, weak and fragile, so that we can embrace our frailties with tenderness ”, said the text of @Pontifex.

The harsh message of the Argentine Episcopal Conference

Different was the tone used by the Argentine bishops. Through statement from the Episcopal Conference (CEA) issued just a few hours after the Senate sanctioned the new rule, they issued a warning: “This law that has been voted will further deepen the divisions in our country”.

We deeply regret the remoteness of the leadership of the people’s feelings, which has expressed itself in various ways in favor of life throughout our country, ”the bishops questioned.

And after targeting the officials and legislators who, within the framework of democracy, expressed their position in favor of abortion (as did those who were against it), they ratified that the Catholic Church “will always choose all lives”.

Furthermore, they said they were “certain that our people will always choose for life”And added a paragraph that is a criticism for elevation to the national government.

“Next to him (for the people) We will continue working for the authentic priorities that require urgent attention in our country: children living in poverty in increasingly alarming numbers, school dropouts by many of them, the pressing pandemic of hunger and unemployment that affects many families, as well as the dramatic situation of the retirees, who see their rights violated once again. “

In passing they greeted the deputies and senators who have bravely demonstrated in favor of lifelong care ”and asked to defend it “Without surrender”. That “will enable us to build a just and supportive Nation, where no one is discarded and in which a true culture of encounter can be lived ”, closed the text signed by the director of the CEA’s Office of Communication and Press, Máximo Jurcinovic.

Criticisms of Evangelical Churches

It was also expressed about the sanction of the IVE the Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of the Argentine Republic (Aciera), one of the entities that, together with the Catholic schools, provided the infrastructure for the mobilization and concentrations of the “celestial” movement in favor of “the two lives.”

Aciera said that “the celestial majority was not heard” in Congress and that the vote “has once again shown the immense selfishness of the human being in the face of another helpless, innocent and vulnerable human being.”

Through a document entitled “Today is a sad day”, they considered that “Argentina regressed centuries of civilization and respect for the supreme right to life “and lamented” enormously “the decision of the deputies and senators who approved the law.

“We live the overwhelming feeling that the Celestial Majority was not heard, much less taken into account. However, that immense mass of people who go for both lives does not give up“, they warned.

However, they assured that “we will respect the laws, as we always do” and added: “Perhaps today we have a bitter taste in our mouths, but the same mouths will never be silent when they must defend, shelter, care for, love, restore, accompany and heal those who repent or not, of their bad decisions “.

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