The Police dismantled more clandestine parties in Córdoba – News

In the San Martín department, in a field located on Route 2, the troops broke up an event with about 300 attendees. In the same city in southeastern Cordoba, two other meetings were detected with 300 and 50 people each.

In the town of Villa Nueva, in turn, they also found an unauthorized party at a private home.

On the other hand, in Villa Rumipal, upon arriving at the Navisco premises, they found more than 120 young people; around 200 on the Ucacha railroad site and in the San Agustín de General Levalle lake area, another event with more than 100 attendees.

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In the city of Río Cuarto, different meetings were also deactivated. One of these took place at a site located on Route 30 where they found 110 people; another two were held in homes with more than 70 assistants in each.

Towards the east of the province, in Marull, the El Faro pub was closed due to overcrowding; while in Morteros and Villa Santa Rosa, three parties organized in family homes were dismantled.

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Other sectors of Córdoba where the Police detected irregular events were: in Traslasierra, Puente del Cura area, Camino de los Artesanos; in the town of Rayo Cortado and in Mina Clavero.

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