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The police are certain – the Instagram star is actually a drug baroness

More than 800,000 people follow Zuzana Strausz-Plackova (30) on Instagram. Now the shock: Kilos of methamphetamine, sharp weapons and cash were found in a raid on the popular influencer from Slovakia.

The police are certain: the truth is that the internet star is a drug baroness! Several media reports unanimously on this.

Accordingly, on Monday, Zuzana Strausz-Plackova, her husband Rene Strausz and 13 other members of an alleged cartel clicked handcuffs. In the large-scale raid, the officers found more than nine kilograms of methamphetamine, better known as crystal meth. In addition, live weapons, ammunition, an unspecified number of cigarettes – possibly contraband – and 70,000 euros in cash.

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The influencer and her husband let it be known that they did not use drugs or were not dealers. The Slovak police see the second point differently. The duo is said to have been in business with 13 other people in and around the capital Bratislava for several years.

The police speak of long-term investigations during which telephone calls were tapped. After three days in detention, the couple was released for the time being, against which the public prosecutor has appealed. On October 7, it will be decided whether Zuzana Strausz-Plackova and Rene Strausz will have to go back to custody.

The 30-year-old became famous in her home country in 2012 through a reality show. Since then, the Slovakian has been showing off her wealth on Instagram, for example with a luxury Mercedes from noble tuner Brabus (several hundred thousand euros expensive), in a private jet and at the most beautiful pools and beaches in the world.

In an interview that was conducted before her arrest, the alleged drug baroness is said to have said: “The truth is that I save a lot.” It is possible that the money comes from completely different sources …

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