the plan for the 297 thousand doses of Sputnik V to reach all the provinces simultaneously

He national vaccination plan against the coronavirus is already underway. Although there are still a few hours until the first dose of the Sputnik V -planned for Tuesday- this Sunday they left the first 297,000 doses of the Russian vaccine to the 24 provinces. From the Health Ministry of the Nation they indicated that the arrival at the destinations It will be this Monday morning almost simultaneously, with a maximum difference of between 4 and 5 hours depending on the district.

The distribution operation, led by the Andreani Group, began at dawn on Sunday from the Avellaneda operations plant where they were taken on December 24 when they arrived in the country.

The mail company reported that the first three trucks left between 4 and 4.15 in the morning to Corrientes, Bahía Blanca and Bariloche. While at 8.15 a plane took off on the way to Tierra del Fuego and at 10.24 a transport left for San Luis and later, another to Mendoza. The time difference has to do with a question of internal logistics and with the different distances that they must travel to reach each jurisdiction.

The logo worn by the trucks that distribute Sputnik V vaccines throughout the country.  Photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

The logo worn by the trucks that distribute Sputnik V vaccines throughout the country. Photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

In the City, they estimate that the first 23,000 doses they will receive will be available at the Oneto refrigerator, located in the Constitución neighborhood, between 7 and 11 in the morning of this Monday to be later distributed to the Health establishments of public and private management.

“In many provinces they are dispatched in a single warehouse, but, for example, Santa Fe chose that we leave them the vaccines in four different”, They detailed from the Health portfolio.

The logic was as follows: first, towards the furthest destinations; and finally, to the zone of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires. Only for Tierra del Fuego and Santa Cruz the shipment was by air. The goal is for all districts to receive Sputnik V at the same time.

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How vaccines are distributed by province

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Infographic: Clarion

The distribution was defined based on a quotient based on number of authorized doctors and health centers. Always considering that the priority of this item is the health personnel, the first to be immunized.

297,000 doses are distributed in the 24 Argentine provinces. Will remain a remnant of 3,000 back-up.

Clarion consulted Gabriel Battistella, Undersecretary of Primary, Ambulatory and Community Care of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, in charge of the vaccination campaign, who explained that it is for safety and as prevention in the event of any emergency situation such as loss of the cold chain.

“The doses were introduced in cold preservatives of 60 liters capacity, refrigerated at a temperature below -18 ° C, through a combination of eutectic plates and dry ice. They were identified with an external label indicating destination, shipping number, total number of preservatives to be delivered to each destination, registered weight, time, date and time of expiration of the cold. In addition, each one carries a DataLogger to verify traceability and certify that the appropriate temperature conditions have been maintained throughout the logistics process, “they detailed from Andreani.

According to the details provided by the Ministry of Health, in addition to the 146,100 doses that will remain in the Buenos Aires-Buenos Aires radio, the provinces that will receive the most are Santa Fe, Córdoba, Tucumán, Mendoza and Entre Ríos. The distribution by land has 35 destinations in the 24 provinces and is used 5 super-frozen semi-trailers, 5 refrigerated containers, 56 thermopallets and more than 600 cold preservatives.

In such a context, Buenos Aires receives 123,000 vaccines; Santa Fe, 24,100; CABA, 23,100; Cordoba, 21,900; Tucumán, 11,500; Mendoza, 11,000; Entre Ríos, 10,100; Jump, 8,300; Chaco, 7,700; Corrientes, 6,700; Santiago del Estero, 5,900; Missions, 5,200; San Juan, 4,700; Jujuy, 4,600; Rio Negro, 4,400; Neuquén, 3,600; Formosa, 3,400; St. Louis, 3,300; Chubut, 3,000; Catamarca, 2,800; La Rioja, 2,600; Santa Cruz, 2,400; La Pampa, 2,300 and Tierra del Fuego, 1,300.

The vaccination will be in stages, free, voluntary and independent of the antecedent having suffered from the disease. Health personnel will be vaccinated as a priority, in a staggered manner, depending on the risk stratification of the activity. It requires a second dose between 21 and 60 days after receiving the first.


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