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The perfect timing for LeBron James’ return

The final stretch of the Los Angeles Lakers schedule is affordable and they should get as far away from the play-in spots as possible

Lebron James will be back with Los angeles lakers when you’re ready. When you feel 100% of your ankle injury. There is no need to risk.

The team has not offered a recent update on his physical ailments, but Rey himself published a video on his social networks where a return to the field is predicted soon.

The Lakers have lost 12 of their last 20 games including the March 20 meeting with the Atlanta Hawks in which James left the game with just 10 minutes of action.

The Los Angeles team has done just enough to stay in the postseason qualification and for now they don’t have to worry about the play-in.

But a losing streak for those led by Frank Vogel, could force them to have an extra load of encounters, which they have to avoid at all costs.

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The 2021 schedule has been tough, we’ve seen a lot of injuries despite fewer games being played, and if there’s one way to reduce the minutes played for James and Anthony Davis it’s not having to participate in the end-of-season tournament to win a place in playoffs.

At the moment the Basketball Power Index (BPI) de ESPN The Lakers are only 2.9% likely to play in the play-in because of their current record and the strength of their schedule.

Of the 11 remaining games, only five are against teams with a record over .500 but they close the season in a back to back against the Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans, both teams that could be fighting their place in the play-in by that date.

That’s why it’s so important that supporting players can keep the Lakers as far away from the 7-10 spots as possible, while King James gets ready for the playoff battle, in as few games as possible.

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