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The Partido de la Costa was the destination most chosen by Argentine tourists


After the first month of pandemic tourism, the data that emerge from the Summer Certificate of the Cuidar application indicate that the destination most chosen by vacationers has been the Partido de La Costa, surpassing even Mar del Plata, which thus loses its place traditional as a favorite place for Argentine tourism.

In the first long weekend of 2021, the trend of last December 8 and the Naideños holidays was ratified, occasions in which the Party of La Costa also surpassed the municipality of General Pueyrredón and all national destinations. According to the data of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, there were 219,558 admissions to the Partido de La Costa while for General Pueyrredón there were 131,590. Left behind Villa Gesell (83,456) and Pinamar (78,154) in a ranking whose top five is completed by another Buenos Aires beach destination, Monte Hermoso.


The Partido de La Costa has traditionally been one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina. But this season, with the novelty of the second lane of Route 11 concluded, it has another point in its favor: it has 96 kilometers of beach throughout its 14 locations. From Costa Esmeralda, to the south of the district, to San Clemente, north of La Costa, with the classic oceanarium already with its doors open, passing through very familiar destinations, such as San Bernardo, Santa Teresita and Mar de Ajó, more wooded, like East Coast and Lucila del Mar or more popular, like Mar del Tuyú and Las Toninas.

To take advantage of this favorable wind, the district has launched a communication campaign for media and social networks to promote the attractions of its spas.

In order to show responsibility in the framework of the health emergency, during this summer The traditional events that invited leading artists and musical bands to mass shows will not be held. In return, the Partido de La Costa offers tourists outdoor activities to enjoy sports and exercise promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Among the tourist proposals of these beaches, located just 310 kilometers from the City of Buenos AiresThere is cycling, guided bike rides to get to know in depth the beauty of the coastal corners, or walks at night, also with a guide, which offer the possibility of rediscovering the landscapes under the night sky.

Another interesting alternative in terms of free activities to do as a family during the holidays is the La Costa Bio proposal, a tour on nature trails to learn a little more about the local flora and fauna. There is also the offer of classes and physical activities in the Municipal Paradores of La Costa. Yoga and gymnastics facing the sea.


A fact to keep in mind for those who at this time decide where to enjoy their vacations is that the Partido de La Costa, a district of about 100,000 residents, is one of the municipalities of the Province that has best experienced the pandemic, having the least amount of cases per inhabitant. When driving on Route 11, recently made a double carriageway throughout the length of La Costa, the posters recall the importance of following health prevention measures.

In the event that it is already a decision made to travel to La Costa on a vacation plan, it should be known that in the Summer Certificate is processed to circulate for tourist reasons that will be required as a control to enter the Party de La Costa, as in all tourism centers this summer 2021.

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