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The pants in trend for spring will be the most comfortable

Something has the Haute Couture week That never ceases to amaze us, because of all the collections of the year, it is one in which artisans and couturiers really show their talent when building these creations and, incidentally, show us some trends that are rearticulated in their desire to come to life. in the street style and in the wardrobe of the best dressed … and the casa de Mademoiselle Chanel is no exception. That mansion showed us, among many other things, the pants we will wear in spring 2021.

Virginie viard I know inspired on the beauty of family gatherings to bring this collection to life, wondering what would women have in their closet today, between baggy skirts (with all possible lengths), dreamy blouses and elegant jackets, there was something that captured our attention, their spring pants.

The manual to wear the pants in trend for spring

Faced with an uncertain daily life, comfort has become part of our outfits, therefore, last year Chanel surprised us with leggings, and today, with the most comfortable pants we could imagine: the tailored cut reinvents itself to show us a loose silhouette, but stylized.

According to the French brand, pants in trend for spring-summer 2021 will be of loose cuts, but in combinations with spring tones like green, pink, white or gray. Some solid colors will be allowed such as white or black, but always with a detail that distinguishes them, either a decoration on the sides or in combination with a spring vest.

Another detail that is current in the pants are the minimalist ornaments, that go from buttons on the calf with a subtle shine or perhaps a very subtle line that defines the sides of the female silhouette, another success of Virginie viard.

Something that is worth emphasizing about each of the pants of the Chanel Spring-Summer Haute Couture runway is that with it the return of pants to the waist is imposed, which in recent years were in force in jeans, but now they take over the world of couture and the tailored pants that we will see during this season.

Think about tweed pants loaded with spring colors and classic tones is a bet that goes beyond spring-summer trends, as they become pieces that you can use again and again for the next warm cycle or you can even wear them during halftime.

If you want to give it an it-girl twist you can take tailored trousers in a spring tone with a matching blazer, a pair of sneakers and voila !, the magic becomes effective. Did we already tell you that they favor all silhouettes?

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