The owner of the Arturo’s restaurant delivers home with a face mask from Sí por México

It is not a rebel or far-right position that of the restaurateur. Arturo only asks for support because the crisis is ruining him.

I admire the people who come from below, is an entrepreneur and works tirelessly.

Luis Donaldo Colosio I would say that emerged from the culture of effort – and not of privilege – Mr. Arturo Cervantes, restaurant owner Arturo’s from the Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City.

Your business may be fifí O Strawberry or whatever you want, but it took Don Arturo 40 years of toil to become a businessman.

His story is that of so many Mexicans who do not allow themselves to be crushed by the lack of economic resources.

He started his working life more than four decades ago as waiter on the Champs Elysees, which was for a long time the elegant restaurant par excellence in the Mexican capital.

From his function as a waiter, Arturo advanced: he was garrotero, waiter, captain and manager in the aforementioned establishment, now defunct.

In 2008 he founded his own business, Arturo’s. He invested all his assets and even what he did not have.

Fortunately, Don Arturo has done well; him and 35 people who help him in the kitchen, cleaning or serving his loyal customers at the tables.

During the first confinementIn the initial stage of the pandemic – it lasted more than a hundred days, something very hard for a restaurant – he decided to offer his dishes to take home.

All the days of that confinement Arturo offered for WhatsApp —Me and all the people who have in their phone book— a menu to consume at home. Sometimes, unfortunately few times, I made requests.

In the new confinement decreed in the Mexico City, forced to close his restaurant as all his colleagues have, Arturo contacted me again by WhatsApp: again I have their menus to go.

This Saturday, December 2, I was encouraged and asked for food: chicken in the casserole and lentils. To save on the delivery, he brought me the dishes himself. An honor, no doubt, but …

I admit that it bothered me to see Don Arturo wearing a mask with the logo Yes For Mexico, the far-right opposition group headed by Claudio X. González —In which they participate the PRI, the PAN and the PRD– and that it was born not to defend an idea or a government project, but just to try to harm the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

I would never support an organization like the one financed by Claudio X., who seems to me a fascist. Then, after greeting the restaurateur who without complexes knows how to be a delivery man, I expressed my anger. I reproduce the talk that took place in the street:


Question: And that shit, Don Arturo?

Reply: “Don Federico, is the way I want to express to President López Obrador that I am disappointed, as surely they are thousands of small entrepreneurs like me, due to the lack of support in this crisis ”.

Question: What would you expect the government to do in Q4?

Reply: “We don’t demand ransoms. We are not money-eating monsters like the banks that allowed themselves to be ordered in the Fobaproa thousands of millions. We ask for something reasonable. For example, a little understanding, facilities, correct deadlines to pay would help us a lot taxes and services such as electricity and water. We have just paid more than 200 thousand pesos in contributions, and we are closed! ”.

Question: Has anyone supported you in the pandemic?

Reply: “The landlord, Don Federico, the landlord has supported us. In the first closing I said to him: ‘We fix ourselves or I stop paying the rent’. Without hesitation for a second he reduced the rent and that’s why we didn’t close. But we have not received anything from the government ”.

Question: Claudia Sheinbaum has announced support for restaurant workers, isn’t that positive?

Reply: “It is certainly positive. People appreciate it, but if this closure lasts beyond January 10, I don’t know what we are going to do. And without the source of work the employees will not survive with what the head of government gives them. It’s the sad reality”.

Question: How did you do at this red light?

Reply: “December 24 and 31 went well for us with home deliveries —by the way, you didn’t buy anything from me— but today your order is the third and last of the day. I don’t know if it’s going to be enough for us to get to January 10, assuming they let us open that day ”.

Question: How did it go after the previous confinement, when it opened again after almost four months closed? Did the customers come back?

Reply: “More or less we sustained ourselves. They let us operate at 30% and so we were, but it is not enough to do business. And sometimes not even 30% of the restaurant was full. Don Federico, the clients of my restaurant are your age, they are not young, and many are older than you, like the dear lawyer Javier Quijano. You take care of yourself more, and you don’t want to go out: you keep it safe. I understand, but they are needed in my business. Hopefully this January 10 they let us operate even at 30%, and take a turn. So my wife and I are no longer putting so much money into the business. Because money is running out, and our reserves are running out ”.

Question: Is it because of the lack of support that you will vote for ClaudioX’s proposal, Yes For Mexico? It would seem to me a spurious reason to give the vote to a political option that failed in the past.

Reply: Don Federico, the vote is secret. I only ask the president of my country, don Andres Manuel, to analyze our situation and give us a hand. We do not want anything given away, but we do want some facilities so as not to go bankrupt. I hope President López Obrador comes to my restaurant on January 10. He would eat well, we would treat him with respect and, if he allowed us to trust him, we would give him an account of our problems, which are those of thousands of small businesses ”.


I no longer told Arturo Cervantes, but perhaps the option with the possibility of materializing is to call Jesus Ramirez, ask to enter the morning and there in National Palace, with an audience, raise your concerns. I know Andrés Manuel and I know that he will not mind if the restaurateur arrives with his face mask by Sí Por México. The freedom we enjoy allows that and much more. A dialogue between the President AMLO and the owner of the fifí Arturo’s.

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