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The nutritionist doctor Máximo Ravenna died


The doctor and psychotherapist specialized in obesity and eating disorders, Máximo Ravenna, died yesterday afternoon at the age of 78.

The professional he was renowned for his techniques for solving eating disorders. Had a therapeutic center that bears his name, whose main objective “is the modification of harmful habits related to food, from the awareness of limits and excesses “, as detailed in the institute’s official Facebook, made up of an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, psychotherapists and physical education teachers.

According to the data provided there, from 1993 to date cared for more than 40,600 patients. “The center grew in infrastructure, activities and new therapeutic proposals. Year after year, the visible results and the maintenance of the weight achieved, generated, through ‘word of mouth’, the public’s knowledge of our method. This led to the opening of different offices with the ‘Ravenna Method’, both in Argentina and abroad “, They can be found on the website of the institute, which is also present in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Spain.

The Ravenna therapeutic center in Brazil honored him through a message posted on Instagram, in which they sent condolences to his family and friends. For this, they chose a recognized phrase from the doctor. “If the only pleasure I have in life is food, I have to rethink many values. Between food and food, there is life”, it is read in the post of the social network.

He Ravenna Method, as explained on the website, it is based on a procedure to lose weight “healthy, with the support and monitoring of specialized professionals, without added medication or surgeries “. In addition, it reports that “the programs are based on cut, measure and distance to food and the detection of addictive links with certain foods. “

Ravenna advised the most prominent Argentine figures, such as Susana Giménez and Diego Maradona, and even international political figures, such as the former president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. In addition, the professional was the author of different books related to his area, such as More life less kilos, the measure that you lose weight O In the blink of a mouth.

“If obesity and unbridled eating are respectively a disease and an addiction, Is it legal to say ‘let’s not fight compulsive and incessant eating’? Is it valid to ‘teach’ to eat to those who cannot stop with their overflow or abandonment, to those who have their self-esteem, their health and their life on the verge of collapse? If it is a chronic illness, Is it valid to tell those who suffer from it to lower their arms and look the other way, feeding and getting fat as if they were a normal type? If obesity is a disease, would not saying this be the same as telling a patient to learn to value clean air, that it is wrong that he has taken cold and that he has introduced bacteria into his body and has pneumonia? “ Ravenna wondered in the last note she wrote to THE NATION, titled “Why You Should Diet.”

“This and many other questions have only one answer: no. That is why, for those who need them, we say yes to diets, without medication, without weeds and without lies. Yes to food control. Yes to the domain of behavior. Yes to measure and distance. No to strange messages. People demand consistency. Sixty percent of fat people in the world want to hope to be treated as intelligent beings. Yes to moderation, to the limit, to measure, to the portion, to health. The question of why diets fail or why fat people fail should be reformulated with a more truthful one: why do nutritionists fail? Let’s do a severe self-criticism “, the professional raised.

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