the numbers that the government handles

The expectation and doubts surrounding the arrival and application of the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia in Argentina was in crescendo in the last days. From the national government they assure that “34 million Argentines should be vaccinated during 2021.”

This was stated by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Roberto Salvarezza, who explained that “the guideline of the vaccination operation continues to be to vaccinate 10 million people until March“and that the total inoculation” will take much of 2021. “

“They arrived 300 thousand doses and the plan is 20 million of doses that would be distributed between January and February. In March you have 22 million Oxford produced by AstraZeneca in Garín and it will be approved on December 29 in the United Kingdom and in January in the United States. There are doses for 22 million of people and it must be taken into account that there is also the Covax vaccine, which are 9 million dose, “the minister listed in dialogue with” Let’s say everything “on CNN Radio.

He also explained that “Argentina has about 45 million inhabitants and a quarter are under 14 years of age and it would not be a priority to vaccinate them.”

“We have a horizon of 30 million people and we have 28 million covered and it must be said that we are negotiating with other suppliers, such as Pfizer, who were not left out,” he said.

Regarding the agreements and the quantity of vaccines that Argentina will have, the minister said that, “with the agreements, we would have doses to vaccinate half the population. Argentina is trying to get as many doses as possible ”

Based on the questions regarding Ginés González García’s explanations of Pfizer’s demands towards the Argentine government, Salvarezza remarked on more than one occasion that “the agreement with Pfizer is not down” and that “it is still being negotiated”.

“The figures behind the vaccines must be put into context: Chile has more than 20 million inhabitants and only received 10 thousand doses,” the minister compared to criticism from opposition leaders and questions about the Russian vaccine.

Given the rise in positive cases that grew in recent weeks in Argentina, Salvarezza warned that, “if we neglect ourselves, we will have the reappearance that other countries in the world are having” and advanced: “The 2021 is going to travel with chinstraps and social distance.”

Asked about the new strains of the coronavirus, the minister stated that “the concern is its greater contagion capacity”, but that the mutation was not “enough for the vaccines to be ineffective”

“In Argentina there are several variants of covid circulating and vaccines are effective for those variants“, it consigned.

Regarding the decisions taken by President Alberto Fernández in this regard, Salvarezza said that “there are not enough elements to take more drastic measures” and that until now “there is a precautionary look at what is happening.”


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