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The numbers that condemn Víctor Manuel Vucetich with Chivas

The numbers in offense and defense do not favor Víctor Manuel Vucetich, who has Chivas out of the playoff zone in Guard1anes 2021

GUADALAJARA — Victor Manuel Vucetich came to Chivas through the big door. The presentation was made live on the way to the stadium for the press conference. There he said he was happy and excited about the new challenge, in addition to recognizing the importance of leading the most popular club in the country.

However, after 29 games on the Guadalajara bench (he lost two due to Covid-19) the results are not the best. In his presentation for the Guard1anes 2020 put the club into the playoffs by finishing in seventh place and beat the America in the quarterfinals after overcoming Necaxa in the reclassification.

In the semifinals, he could not face León, a team that, in the end, would be champion of the Liga MX. Although not everything was honey on flakes because the results did not make up the indiscipline that his pupils had in the contest.

For this tournament, although there was a clean-up in the squad, of 13 games directed, the ‘King Midas’ barely added two wins, seven draws and a box loss. His 13 points are not enough, at the moment, to enter the playoffs.

In addition, if that were not enough, he has conceded 20 goals in the tournament, which places him as the fourteenth worst defense of the campaign and only teams like San Luis, Querétaro, Necaxa and Juárez have received more goals.

On the offensive level they don’t have such a bad time. They are the eighth best forward with 16 touchdowns and Jose Juan Macías It is their benchmark with six targets and is the ninth place in the individual scoring table.

His fall with respect to the last tournament is resounding and on more than one occasion, Vucetich has made it clear that the decision on his dismissal corresponds to the board headed by Ricardo Peláez and the owner of the team.

Nevertheless, Amaury vergara He trusts the work of the national helmsman, as he considers that he is the best qualified element for this project.

In addition, the predictions are not kind to the rojiblancos, since the specialized site FiveThirtyEight leaves Chivas out of the playoffs and only predicts 16 units for the end of the tournament, which would not be enough to climb to site 12.

That is how Vucetich suffers from the lack of results and these doom him to failure in the Guard1anes 2021.

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