The number of corona cases in Wuhan may be ten times as high

Updated December 30, 2020, 1:57 p.m.

  • According to a Chinese study, the number of corona infections in Wuhan was possibly ten times as high as reported.
  • Instead of the mentioned 50,000 cases, it should have been around 480,000.
  • The background could be a patchy report due to the chaos in late January and early February.

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The Number of corona infections at the outbreak of the pandemic in Wuhan is according to one chinese study possibly ten times as high been as previously stated.

By April, around 4.43 percent of Wuhan’s eleven million residents had developed antibodies against the novel coronavirus, according to the study by Chinese Center for Disease Control (CDC).

According to the study, this corresponds to around 480,000 Corona infections in the metropolis by April. That is almost ten times as many as the approximately 50,000 cases officially named so far.

China has been responsible for its handling of the pandemic and its Information policy especially in the initial phase a lot of criticism Harvested from home and abroad.

Large discrepancy: Incomplete reporting of cases probably due to “chaos in late January and early February”

The one revealed by the CDC data Discrepancy between the official and actual infection numbers could point to a patchy reporting of cases “because of the chaos in late January and early February, when a large number of people were not tested or not tested exactly for COVID-19,” said the Health expert Huang Yanzhong from AFP’s New York-based think tank Council on Foreign Relations.

If the capital Wuhan is excluded, the proportion of people with corona antibodies in Hubei province was just 0.44 percent in April, according to the CDC. This suggests that the good two-month Lockdown from Wuhan in the spring at the Contain the virus wrote the study authors.

China: Asymptomatic corona infections are not included in the official count

For the study, more than 34,000 people were examined nationwide in April. Reported by Wednesday China’s National Health Commission nationwide, only 87,027 infections with the novel corona virus and 4,634 deaths.

In the People’s Republic, however, flow asymptomatic Corona-Infektions, i.e. infections without noticeable symptoms, which are common with Sars-CoV-2, are not included in the official count. The last corona death in China for the time being was registered in mid-May.

Many people cannot or do not want to wear a mouth and nose covering. Anyone who does not wear a mask must be able to show a corona certificate. Dozens of doctors are said to have issued false certificates in Berlin. (Teaser image: imago images / UJ Alexander)

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